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My version of the Doom monster from games of yore. Testing for id, so I figured I'd share the wealth.
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really cool redesign
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Terrifying interpretation, love the burnt skin  and cybernetic stitching.
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They're very hard to defeat but too bad they can't pick up anything because they don't have hands they were replaced with cannons.
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didn't I see this thing while playing doom 2? 
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Yup. The Mancubus is in every Doom.
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That'll be pretty cool if he looked like that in Doom 4
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I like Doom 4's version better. Super ugly and grotesque. Gives off a real feel of gluttony.
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This summer… he ate one too many burgers… and now
Greggory Mc cannonarms is:

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I just stumbled on this... I freaking love it... I made the original models for ID for Doom 1 and 2.. I am thinking about revisiting this character myself and was looking to see what other folks have done with this guy ... looking for inspiration ..and this is exactly that. Great job!!
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That's awesome man!  Thank you very much for digging it.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see what you build now!  Thanks for being part of such an important element in gaming history, G! :D
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Pretty cool, but I miss the classic fat-man demon face. Even so this is better than that goofy elephant looking design from Doom 3.
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This is amazing!!
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That's the power of Demon Engineering.
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Mancubus in Doom 3: HAHAHAHA Hi Cthulhu's fat uglier cousin!
Mancubus by Ariokh: Aw shit.
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I can actually take the fatty seriously now...
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I think Im gonna fav all your gallery
Very cool. I hope you draw more doom or quake monsters, awesome version of an awesome monster from awesome game!
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