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Kratos VS the Manticore

A magazine cover I did a while back for GoWA

You can buy a copy of the print here:…
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I used your art piece as a source of inspiration for my this piece…

would you mind reviewing it. :) appreciated
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I was trying to draw kratos vs balrog . its was quite difficult to come up with a concept . so I was hopping if you would allow me to use your piece as a source of reference . I will be very glad .
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Amazing work here! but I feel the Manticore's size is a bit exaggerated compared to Kratos.
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Lol.  Ok, but... it's size is exaggerated according to what?  
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The beast looks like it could easily swallow Kratos whole or bite him in half, when in the actual game, Kratos was able to stand up on the chest and beat it to death. Kratos just seems too small compared to the beast.

If the manticore was that big in the game, it would have been a cooler boss fight.
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I designed the creature to be that big in the first place.  Since it was my design, and my original intent, I say the game is wrong and this is right. :)

As for it being able to bite him in half and that somehow means it's too big, I think you might be forgetting that Kratos fights bosses that he is literally the size of a fly in comparison... soooo yeah.
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Fair enough then. I thought your intent was to keep in actual scale with the game design.

Trust me, I know he's faced bigger enemies before. For God's sake, Kratos gets eaten whole by Cronos with a cyclops. But since I didn't know you meant for it to be this big, I again relate it to the game Manticore in which the thing would barely be able to get past his shoulders.
This is amazing! Looks absolutely epic!
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wow, this is fucking nuts. Love the GoW series.
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Amazing work! +fav 
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Great job. They seem to move.
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Really sick stuff. Loved the manticore and empusa designs from the game. Loved the game overall.
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Fucking sick, i recall fighting this beast, he was bad son of bitch! :D
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Awesome! Very impressive! :D
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Dang, this is super intense, I can really feel the action, nice work!
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Activate beast mode.
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Fing KRATOS! (because just saying his name doesn't imply how awesome he is) :D
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Your work inspires me a lot! Thanks for sharing!
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Fantastic, one of my favorites. Give me your lunch money !!
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Reminiscent of Gandalf and the Balrogs battle..........very cool
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