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Hiro Protagonist: Snow Crash

It was time to take another shot at some of my favorite characters in literature. It's so crazy to see how far I've come since I first tackled these subjects! Here I am trying to get attention for some potential film work. We'll see if these get me any nibbles. *fingers crossed*
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I just started the book today, and I'm loving it so far. It's great to see such amazing illustrations of the characters! 
LetMeMakeArt's avatar
Again, absolutely correct!
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A fellow fan!  I had a friend buy my prints and take them to his SEVENEVES event for him to sign.  She said he really loved them!  I about died.
LetMeMakeArt's avatar
That's cool, man!
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Yo IzzyMedrano , you ever consider doing him wearing the motorcycle get up? I'm STRONGLY considering cosplaying the character, and I'm curious how you think he'd look!
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Sorry for the late response.  I hadn't thought about it, but it's a good idea, I had some stuff in mind the last time I read through SnowCrash.  I'll think about it!  Stay tuned. :D
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Great vision of Hiro
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Great depiction! I am reading this right now and your rendering of Hiro is just what I imagined. 
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Thanks very much!  I'm super glad you enjoyed him. :)
Uniquely stunning
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This is the coolest concept art I've ever seen.
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Not sure if I've commented here or not, but this is one of the best takes on Hiro I've seen yet. This would be a great design for a movie or mini-series. 
LBAMagic's avatar
fantastic. love the neon fx. :) (Smile) 
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Best Hiro illustration out there!
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awesome. perfect hiro. :P
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Why does he look like Eka Darville?
IzzyMedrano's avatar
Because you know who that is and made a connection. 
Kaoskid1's avatar
Eka Darville? Power Rangers RPM? Spartacus Blood and Sand? This…
IzzyMedrano's avatar
Oh, man.  Now that I see him, I have NO idea how you could confuse the two.  Their only similarity is a bit of wildness in the hair.  
Kaoskid1's avatar
Maybe it's just me, then. My apologies.
radikhal-ed's avatar
Really fantastic.  How long did this take you?  
IzzyMedrano's avatar
A couple of days. :D
radikhal-ed's avatar
I'd really love a print of this and YT.  Do you sell prints or would you be opposed of me taking the original downloaded file to Staples and printing a copy to hang in my cubicle? XD
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