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Ariokh's Muse: Mike's Lestat

So... I finished and posted the Rio one, and still wasn't sleepy yet, so here's Mr. Mike Nestin, also of DA fame. He put in a few really good pics with the full expectation that I'd fuck him up pretty good. but thus far, I've been more interested in very fast color experimentation, which I think would be most helpful with my work right now. So another color theory type piece. Take a look at how much the colors vary in the skin tone. Fun shit!

A great artist once told me... "There is no white when you paint a white shirt, or a white wall. Color is in everything"

Words for any painter to live by.
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can you talk a little about the palette you used ?
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I started on a yellow background, and didn't plan for darks.
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Whaye, whaddya know, the crazy shit works!
^^; Lul.
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You chose some great colours for this piece. I am in love with the way the yellow and blue play off of each other. This is very nicely done :love: :+fav:!
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intense look...:+fav:
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Wow, I really love this style!
AngelusNoir's avatar
positively fauvist...and I thougt I didn't like yellow?:P
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yeah i don't like completely clean colors either.
Awsomely done man, I'm a big fan of your ideas and concepts!
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you are something special aren't you. . versatility just spews out of you.
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I do my best! ^_^
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fucking stupendous - i love watching your progression as a painter, and the yellow mixed in with the hair really adds some sexy flow to this
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thanks! I did a straight toned canvas on this one, starting with a fully yellow bg. And then painting him into it. Fun stuff!
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i really love his expression...
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sweet. the colors of his face look great, especially next to all the yellow.
ha!, just read your comment...
That kind of stuff as the thing 'bout the white is great fun to experiment with and to use.
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great emotional work, I like it...
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Such a pity that the inherent ugliness of the model ruins what would otherwise be a bold piece of art. [sigh] But I guess these things cannot be helped. ;p

Powerful combination of colours - especially the massive yellow negative space which forms not only the background but visually suggests the shape of model's hair... my hair. Crap, I'm entering a critic's paradox...

Remind me; I owe you a pint and a manly hand-shake.
Something to tell my children about when you're rich and infamous.
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hahahaha. Glad you dig it bro. And I will definitely take you up on a pint!
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The pleasure remains all mine. What'll yours be?

Perhaps I can return the favour sometime...
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Lovely artwork.
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i just picked up kent williams sparrow book and what struck me was how varied the colors were in the skin tones of the people he painted.
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Is that a good one? I've not flipped through it yet.. only seen the cover.
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yeah it's good. The works a little tighter than most other things i've seen from him.
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love the use of color and values...
beautiful portrait, same goes for the other one you posted
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