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Vinyl Scratch The DJ PON-3

About the Art:
so... Izzy, ... i see your making some ponies... WTF MAN??

anyway, i wanted to make something that i wasn't seeing around dA, and a good icon of DJ PON-3 was one of those things i didn't see, so here it is dA, ... enjoy and comment or i will kill you all.

Vinyl Scratch / DJ PON-3 is copyrighted by Hasbro, ... and probably a few other people.

this icon was made, and is copyrighted by me.

Terms of use:
I've put this icon into my, free-to-use folder, so you may use this as you please, but if someone asks you where you got it, or if you made it, tell them it was me. ... or i will rain down fiery chocolate rain upon you.

Examples used;
i used a picture of DJ PON-3 i found while googling her, ... i don't know who owned that picture, ... but credit to them, for taking a screenshot of the show... i guess.

Tools used:
MSPaint; for pixeling.
Gimp 2.6.2; for animating.

Colors used; if any:
i used vinyl scratch's colors from the show.

Artist Notes:
... I'm making ponies cause I'm secretly planning a come back, ... but don't tell anyone.

Artist rant;
GOD IZZY PONIES!?! WHAT HAPPENED TO EMOTES?? ... well, that's a very good question, ... and the answer is, ponies happened... the ponies made me do it.

suggest me to groups if you think other people would like my art, watch me if you like my art, fave if you like the picture, and comment, because its nice.

keywords for search: Remember you can also suggest keywords, encase i didn't put something that would go good with any picture.

DJ PON-3 vinyl scratch avatar icon disc jockey pony MLP FiM my little friendship is magic animated animation gif music free to use
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i love it. the proffessional artwork of this avatar is wounderful i must saythat i'm currently using this avatar and i will publish it and will credit you for this wery awesome DJ-Pon3 animation! great job my friend!
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Vinyl Scratch The DJ PON-3 
For that icon specifically i used;

Windows Vista Paint, to do most of the pixeling.
And GIMP 2.8.14, for the animating, and if I remember correctly, for rotating Vinyl's head.

I rotated Vinyl's head with gimp to get proper shape and than re-pixeled it completely to keep it consistent.

I normally used Windows Vista paint to do my pixeling, there are a number of better programs, i just find it the easiest canvas for me.
and than i really only use gimp for animating, I'm able to do very in-depth animation time with gimp.

it however is extremely tedious, if at all possible i would recommend mastering a program that can do both sharp pixeling like paint, and animating with layers like gimp.

but, on a side note. you've got some pretty good art skills.
I'd love to see some sonic art from you.
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So once i get Vista paint, does it automatically pixel?
izzy-the-hedgehog's avatar
no, I actually pixel... each individual pixel by hand myself.

I've sure there are some programs out there that will do pixeling automatically, but none will have the amount of detail as doing it all by hand.

and as for vista paint, its just simply the art program windows computers come with, it is one of the most basic of all art programs.
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Err...does popular music count? And classical as long as it catches my ears
izzy-the-hedgehog's avatar
I'm not sure what your referencing.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Wrong comment,sorry :(
izzy-the-hedgehog's avatar
thanks, i really understand how you feel...
princeofmemes's avatar
I'm sorry if i confused you! This is icon is really nice :D
BlackWub's avatar
I am gonna use it okay?
EveyDantes's avatar
i think they call this a music pony like dj
M00NL1T-M4SK's avatar
Can I make a plz out of this? I'll credit you!
XxGumyFarroxX's avatar
Is it ok if I try to use it for my mini-picture icon?
izzy-the-hedgehog's avatar
it depends, what is your mini-picture icon?
XxGumyFarroxX's avatar
Right now? It's a black Alicorn
izzy-the-hedgehog's avatar
yeah, you could use it as your icon.
XxGumyFarroxX's avatar
ok, thanks... I probably won't use it for long... I'm always changing my icon... And I really like the one I have now... Sweating a little... 
izzy-the-hedgehog's avatar
its alright, just if you do, its okay.
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