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Flower Love



This is the thirty ninth uploaded picture in my 365 project.

About the Art:
Flower Love, was the first icon made in my, ... i think it was icon series, the second one was Christmas, and the third was Easter, ... the icon series ended when Easter and, unforeseen events... i lost Easter for good, and all the resolve to keep going with the icon series.

This is copyrighted by me, using it without my permission could get you banned from dA or worse.

Terms of use:
I've put this icon in my "free to use" icon folder, you can use this icon only if you comment before or after you are already using it, uploading it anywhere counts as using it without my permission, i won't rain down hell on you, I'm not that kind of person, but i will take notice, and begin talking to you about it.

and if someone asks you who made it, either tell them you didn't, or i did.

Examples used;
... i actually used a few games as an example, for making the heart right, and some of the flowers.

Tools used:
MSPaint- for drawing the pixels.
Gimp 2.0- for animating.

Colors used;
... i didn't really use any specific colors, except dA gray.

Artist Notes:
i had actually forgotten what i was gonna name it, ... so i just went with the original name, it was gonna be named like Valentines, or Love icon, or something like that.

suggest me to groups if you think other people would like my art, watch me if you like my art, fave if you like the picture, and comment, because i need more feed back.

keywords for search:

Flower Love icon avatar emote emotes flowers free to use valentine valentines heart hearts pink
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