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Coming eventually

"coming eventually" a recap on my older emote "coming soon".


i had decided to upload this first in my 365 project becuase, well... if the 365 projects coming, its coming eventually.

the emotes shading is mine, and by some deviantART way or something like that, is copyrighted by me, the eyes are also mine because i made both, from scratch, in paint.

I'm pretty sure you can't copyright a color, but the colors used are Skype colors.

and i think the animation frames are copyrighted too...

i don't really know how this copyrighting an emote works, so... don't download this and say you made it, but you can use it if you want, you don't even have to give me credit, just if someone asks you if you made it, say no.
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puppet1234127's avatar… the secned video is is uploed is done
my freind:mangle,freddy,goldie,freddrick ,aaron/the booplaer/the fun ending,bonnie
me:toy chica,foxy,puppet,Geo/sami/the fun eneding.
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I don't see where my icon is used in either video.

both youtube comments have incorrect credit for me, you've got my username and link wrong on both of them, its also unclear on them what I'm credited for.

Please correct it.
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i made the vid finily…
my bff was:bonnie,freedy,goldie,mangle,fredrik
i was: naratour,chica,bon bon,
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Can i plz take this and vocie it on yt i credit you
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I'm not sure what yt is, but you may use it with crediting me.

also, did you just join dA to ask that?
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yt is youtube and no i've always had a DA i just forgot it
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how would you be voicing it on youtube?
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i might ask some people to voice for some but ill probably voice puppet for sure 
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I'm not really sure what you mean by voice puppet, you should send me a link after you've used my icon.
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ill voice the puppet
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right, send me a link to the completed video when your done.
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DO IT  just DO IT!
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... I don't understand what you mean.
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Please! Do it soon! I love the comic so far!!
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Ummm... I forgot
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that's alright, if you remember though, I'd like to know what comic you thought you where referencing.
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Can't you just write the rest in a fanficti on than later turn that into a comic for this
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sorry for this super late reply, but what comic are you talking about?
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:giggle: Just say 'Art, Design and Emoticon (C) ~izzy-the-hedgehog'
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