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This is the thirteenth uploaded picture in my 365 project.

This is also the second icon in my Holiday icon pack, (discontinued) it came right after flower-love (Valentine).

the holiday icon pack was discontinued due to Easter having a problem, ... i spent over 8 hours straight animating it, coloring it, and creating it from scratch pixel by pixel, and then my computer turned off and i lost it, ... it was by far the best icon i will have ever made, we all morn at the loss of Easter... RIP.

this icon and all of it completely, is copyrighted by me, using it without me saying so, as your own art work, is out of the question, its illegal to use.
but you may use it as your icon, or avatar, here on dA, ... or anywhere else, that doesn't really matter to me.
just, if someone asks, who made that, either say you didn't, or say i did.
that’s all i ask.

... and someone give me a DD already... i know its only been a week, but if i don't get one, all my pictures are just gonna keep getting, 2 to 5 views, and there better then that, ... not the photography, but the emotes are, ... and comment, anything would be nice.
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Damn, good job! Can you actually use those in the comments?