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Cake's a Lie...



This is the twentieth uploaded picture in my 365 project.

and by coincidence... is also another portal emote...

This cake is actually older then the 2 wheatley emotes I've already uploaded, i made this some time after i had beat portal 1 for the first time.

This picture is copyrighted by me, using it without my permission is wrong, and could get you in trouble, though i can't stop you from downloading it and using it as an example for your own art, just, if someone asks you who made it, either say, you didn't or i did.

This all together, probably took me, 2 to 3 hours to make from scratch, i did use a screen shot from the actual game as an example to make this.

and the original cake is copyrighted by either valve or the portal team, ... i don't really know.

and on a different note,
... i noticed how much attention those 2 wheatley emotes got, after they where put in a group, ... so i searched for more groups i could upload my stuff to, ... but i couldn't find any, ... do i have to be a member or something to submit to a group?

... and, ... you should suggest groups for me to upload to, or attempt to join. ... if you like any of my art and think the group would like it too, that is.
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I know that but to me it's delicious.