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hey guys! lemme introduce my OC "Deuce"
you mightve seen him before on another deviation.
and yes, hes like a newer version yadda yadda

why do i keep using the name Deuce?
because... youll find out... eventually
i also used his name for a short story in my english class.


whats a GEO?
dont ask.
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hi, i have a request for you. if you are interested, it would be great
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This is so cute ^^
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Your art style is super cute~ 🌸
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i wish you could draw me an ocHeart Heart 
MrFahrenheit225's avatar
focus more on personality rather than the different emotions
violetharmmon's avatar
this is beautiful! you are really good ^-^
StarArtist101's avatar
I love your art style!!!
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I put in an order to the empire to send me a shitload of badasses and pillage-hungry murder machines and instead all I got was you cupcake cock-clowns and a side order of fuck nuggets! I can tell at a glance that at least 50% of you are cock-suckers and the other 50% are cock-suckers who've never been told to believe in themselves!

I'm gonna shove my boots so far and fast up your assholes it'll trigger a geological event! You all reek of poverty and animal abuse! Every breath you take is a stunning endorsement of abortion! You shit stains are a collective masterpiece of failure. You cock-gobblers circle-jerk each other to exhaustion every night! You signed up for the milatary to get pounded by the titans and probably cried like sissies when you realized that they don't actually have dicks! Your sensitive pussies cried so many tears you could float away a river of douche-canoes!

You glitter-town, cock-wrangling, fairy-tinkled, fag-puffing, fuck-nuggets are gonna get your collective anal cavities stretched so far apart you'll think you're getting double-fisted by the colossal titan himself! I will reorganize the failure that Is all your lives! I will fuck-start your souls!

I'll make you mongoloid, rock-chomping, thunder-cunt scream harder than your mothers after her fourth failed coat hanger abortion! I'm gonna chop off your shriveled balls and put em where your eyes should be, put a sombrero on your head, and beat you like a piñata! Hell! I'll make you shit so many bricks you'll put the Mexicans out of business!

But fear not! Because soon enough I will turn you cock monarchs into fuckmasters of galactic destruction!"
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This is really good , his pose is really good and seems less stiff than alot of other peoples ref sheets.
The emotions on the side are also very good.
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Cool~ ( ゚∀゚)
VelocitySketch's avatar
May I draw him? I love him!
Izzu-shi's avatar
sure! I'd love to see :)
You did a great job! I really like your art style
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also take requests?
Lemontheone's avatar
love the anime esc art style
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It looks nice! I like your art style (^o^)/
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Lol last one
VeroXD's avatar
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you need to end your own suffering, normie
KurageJellyfish's avatar
He's so cute! I like his concept and design so muuuch! Keep up the amazing work! ^•^
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This guy looks really neat

but, the "goggled" mechanic idea has been used so much it's getting old. I know it's hard to create new characters, but, it could use more originality 
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