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The Simplest Of Souls

... And the lamest of backgrounds. Ugh, my cruel destiny...

Told you I'd do it, told you so ;)

Can someone answer me the simplest of questions: How the hell, since I used the *exact* same color as the prototype, my coloring turned more vibrant??? (Not that I don't like it, I love it, but I'm very confused)

So, you must expect... More drawings (and consequently drawings) of Tack, the Thief, and an amazing scene from the Recobbled cut (where else?) with Tack and Yum-Yum. You mustn't expect a tanned Tack. I'm gonna make him an albino EVEN IN THE FINAL SCENE! The end. :crazy:

Brushes used! :iconxresch: for the spirals, I think, and, of course, :iconredheadstock: for the brilliand sand textures, or go to [link] for more amazing brushes. Big thanks to both of you!!!

Tack (The Cobbler) C - Many many people, and I eees not one of 'em
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Sep 19, 2007, 12:55:06 AM
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Thank you very much!! :D
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such a breathtaking visual movie. Outrageous the history into making it eh??? egads man
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Yeah, I couldn't agree more. They butchered it in the most inhuman way possible, but now we can enjoy the original masterpiece thanks to the Recobbled Cut :D
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re - re - re - re COBLELELED CUUUUUT!!!! OOOOOOOWHAAAAT!!?!?!?! why hasthnot' my human brain not HEARDETH of this?!?! and also, why haseth my tongue turned to wrong time period?
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Hahahahaha :XD: Haven't you heard of the recobbled cut??? :O No way!!! You have just seen the "Princess And The Cobbler" and the "Arabian Knight"??? WAIT, I'LL SAVE YOU!!! [link] Here you go, the ORIGINAL masterpiece :D
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drool monkies of all the dementionz!!!! Yes, i have *wipes dribble* seen the Theif and the Cobbler - edited with some show tunes basically in it -.__-. I also own the thing; found it in a Dollar Store; imagine that. heh. *hands on hips*
WAIT A 'TEC ..... i ***OWN THIS ONE*

......BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA High fiiiive.. tho, i wish the songs were left out me thinks XD
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Hahahaha, yeah... Like, tottaly. I mean, they completely transformed the original for the sake of -three- stupid songs. Go figure why... -.-
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im not sure; ... but one thing's for sure about all these wonderful comments regarding your posting - that AVATAR of yours keeps making me laugh! I'm going to save that - cherish it - and let it mingle and make friends in my pictures folder right by the rainbow colored fat sheep gif for a bit : D
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Hahahahhahaha :rofl: Thanks a lot!!
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