A Less Than Perfect Start.
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First day of 2014, and all by myself. A quiet way to begin the year.

It's been a few months since my last stable job ended. I was a Web/Graphics Designer over the last 10 years...it came to the point that the stress was driving me crazy. I had spells of doing design freelance jobs here and there, but nothing permanent for now. I have no plan B. I don't know where I'm going next.

Recently, due to the free time I have now in spades, I have started drawing again after not doing so for many, many years. I have re-kindled my long lost love for drawing and sketching stuff. I finally set up my DeviantArt account - I was honestly surprised I didn't do so earlier - and I've been loving it so far. I loved the feedback I've gotten, even when I'm nowhere near as good as some of my illustrator friends. I know I'm not at Pro level yet...but somehow all these drawings became my coping mechanism. Sort of...therapeutic I guess.

In an ideal world, with ideal financial situation I'd love to go for a professional illustration course. Right now, in reality I'm just scrambling to re-organize my portfolio and just go back into doing web/graphic design...purely for financial reasons. At my age (34), I know that I have to give up some dreams. Lose some, win some. I'd still draw and sketch on the side, purely as a hobby. I'm not sure what's ahead, but I'll just go on.

Thanks to DeviantArt for rekindling my lost love. Happy New Year 2014 to all. Thank you.
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izzathafizHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool! Good that things had been working out for you. Loved your 'anime-realism' paintings in your DA gallery :)

You brought a good point about ImagineFX...it is a good resource. Financially, I can't afford to go on a course now...so I guess IFX will be my sifu too. I just need to be more patient and improve myself.

It will definitely take some time for me to get good - I am very rusty now -  but this is something that I really want to work on and move forward with. I salute you! 
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Eddy-ShinjukuProfessional Digital Artist

If you are serious bro, you can do part time courses, located @ PJ: clazroom.com/part-time-courses…

From there you'll have a clearer vision of doing this just as a hobby OR still doing it as a hobby but being paid (In USD) :D

Good luck!
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izzathafizHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, I'll check it out. Thanks for the info! :)
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Eddy-ShinjukuProfessional Digital Artist
Just so you know, I only start drawing @ 25 yrs old, that's about 3 yrs ago; I was sort in the same position as you then - didn't expect to be doing this seriously now :w00t:

Btw, saw you bought ImagineFX Feb Issue (@ facebook), I practically study everything from IFX haha ;p Never went to any art courses or college ^^;