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My Bio

Commissions: OPEN

Price list here – Contact me by mail: or on Discord

I'm the author of the sci-fantasy webcomic Singmire Haze (a sweet sci-fantasy drama in which a derpy elven engineer discovers that his online boyfriend is a changeling stuck in a childish appearance --awkward!) and co-author of Consuming Darkness (a fantasy romance in which a blind priest tries to prevent his student from becoming a most terrible person)

I'm a pretty hardcore fan of The Elder Scrolls (I love the lore, everything to do with Lorkhan, Dwemer technology, necromancy and Mannimarco).

And I'm also very fond of Star Trek DS9 and having a most amazing RP in this universe with my partner, ZikulArt. Expect to see a lot of Cardassians and Trills in my gallery.

Favourite Writers
Rudyard Kipling, Pierre Gripari, Philip Pullman...
Favourite Games
The Elder Scrolls, Legacy of Kain, FF7, FF9, Grandia, Monster Hunter, Metal Gear Solid
Tools of the Trade
my brains, wordpad, HB mechanic pencil, Ugee Ex07 and Photoshop mainly
Other Interests
fx makeup, boxes
✨ ~ I'm mostly on Tapastic lately ~ ✨ I might take a long time to answer any comment/reply I get here
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Hi everybody, I wanted to make you aware that I will be less active on dA for several reasons: 1. I don't want to stumble onto ESO-related stuff, I'm physically sick of being taken by surprise all the time and confronted with things I don't want to see. Yes, I am pathetic, no, I'm not capable of getting over it, not right now. 2. I'm still unemployed and I'm so stressed and anxious about it that I'm not even capable of figuring out what to do, nor to apply to any job or course. I'm scattered and unable to make any choice about my future. Good thing is that I have an appointment with a neuropsychologist in june to figure out some stuff. 3.
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[Edit: You can find a slightly updated version of this review, here, including screenshots] You can't criticize something without playing, so I got myself a key for the last Beta-testing session. Of course, I could only share my impressions with friends who also beta-tested and agreed to the NDA. What does NDA stand for? Non-Disclosure Agreement. Something quite familiar when you work in an industry such as that of game development, as it is what forbids you to share anything related to the project being created (screenshots, story, gameplay mechanics, technology being used, etc, etc) until the game is released ...or the NDA is lifted for yo
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dfnbnbcnxbnvxbcn sempai follows me *dies*
zai mecal, iri dazuan!^^
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