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In progress by IzunaUgimachi In progress :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 1 1 Der-Paca by IzunaUgimachi Der-Paca :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 1 0 Do you like chocolate? by IzunaUgimachi Do you like chocolate? :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 3 0 Tampa Bay Lightning Scarf by IzunaUgimachi Tampa Bay Lightning Scarf :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 0 0 ShyGuy No Mask! by IzunaUgimachi ShyGuy No Mask! :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 1 7 Shy Guy Working by IzunaUgimachi Shy Guy Working :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 0 0 Don't Wake Up the Kitty by IzunaUgimachi Don't Wake Up the Kitty :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 1 0 Performer @ HHN25 by IzunaUgimachi Performer @ HHN25 :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 1 0 Img 0712[1] by IzunaUgimachi Img 0712[1] :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 0 0 Img 0711[1] by IzunaUgimachi Img 0711[1] :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 0 0 Steam Punk Float HHN25 by IzunaUgimachi Steam Punk Float HHN25 :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 0 0 Steam Punk HHN 25 Moon and Fog by IzunaUgimachi Steam Punk HHN 25 Moon and Fog :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 0 0 Little Sister's Message by IzunaUgimachi Little Sister's Message :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 0 0 Got Bacon? by IzunaUgimachi Got Bacon? :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 4 0 Shy Guy Mask - Finished by IzunaUgimachi Shy Guy Mask - Finished :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 0 0 ShyGuy Mask - Unfinished by IzunaUgimachi ShyGuy Mask - Unfinished :iconizunaugimachi:IzunaUgimachi 1 0


Crowley by Kuzka345 Crowley :iconkuzka345:Kuzka345 163 28
Supernatural X Reader - Chocolate
Once they had finished up with a vengeful spirit haunting a restaurant, (yn), Sam, Dean, and Cas went back to the motel. When they got to the room, (yn) immediately plopped down on one of the chairs and pulled a fun-sized chocolate bar out of her pocket, unwrapping it and taking a bite.
Sam eyed you with an odd expression. You seemed to always have those candy bars with you. “Hey (yn), what’s with the chocolate?”
You swallowed your previous bite. “In case you haven’t noticed Sam, I am female. I cannot go without some form of chocolate for more than 72 hours.”
Cas’s eyes widened. “Is this a human disease?”
You giggled. “No Cas, I’m perfectly fine. I just really like chocolate.”
“Oh.” Cas relaxed. “So you are like Gabriel in that aspect.”
“Yeah, but she’s got a much nicer rack.” Dean interjected, grinning. Sam shot him a look, but you just rolled your eyes.
Castiel’s ey
:iconeverytimechelle:everytimechelle 648 93
Frozen Puns (SamxReaderxDean)
“(y/n) look it’s snowing,” Sam said as you and Dean climbed into the Impala. “Do you wanna build a snowman?” He asked smiling back at you.
“Does it have to be a snowman?” You replied as Dean sighed heavily.
“Will you two shut up about that movie about the ice? It’s all you two have been talking about for days,” he stated as he turned on the car and began heading for the cemetery.
“You’re right Dean,” you said from your spot in the backseat. “It’s almost like we can’t--”
“Don’t you dare,” Dean interrupted.
“Let it go,” Sam finished. You and Sam started laughing and Dean just death glared his brother.
“Can we please just focus on the task at hand? There’s a body that needs burning and that doesn’t require ice puns,” Dean grumbled.
“Dean, it’s just a movie. You need to chill out,” you said trying not to laugh.
:iconcallmewinchester:callmewinchester 850 208
Supernatural x Reader - Boots
When you, Sam and Dean sat down at the bar, you wasted no time ordering a round of shots. Around your third though, Sam and Dean started to notice your speech slurring.
“Hey guyssss?” You asked, a loopy grin on your face. “What did the angel say to the vampire?”
Sam and Dean shared a look. “Uh, what (yn)?”
“Pineapple!” You announced, cracking up at your joke. Sam waved the bar tender over, slapping down some bills as Dean stood up. “Okay, (yn), time to get you back to the motel.” He said, pulling on his jacket.
You whined but stood up, following Dean. Halfway to the door though, you tripped, falling to the side, right into the lap of some trucker who was sitting at a table.
The guy flashed you grin, several missing teeth forming gaps in his mouth. “Hey honey, how you doing?”
“Gooooood, yourself?” You questioned, giggling.
“Great, now that you’re here. You free tonight babe?”
:iconeverytimechelle:everytimechelle 351 34
Castiel x Reader - Titanic
Flipping though the stack of dvds you had rented and culling a few, your ears perked up when there was a crash in the kitchen.
Setting down the dvds and heading into the other room, you saw Cas holding a bag of microwave popcorn, still folded with the plastic wrap on it.
The confused angel turned to you. "(yn), I am sorry, but I am unable to complete the task you gave me." He told you, gesturing to the bag in his hands. "The popping corn seems to be surrounded by an impenetrable force."
You grinned, trying not to laugh, when Castiel's brow furrowed. Uh oh.
Touching the bag again, this time with two fingers, Castiel used his angelic force against the popcorn.
After cleaning up the explosion of popcorn and airing out the smell of burning plastic, you peeled off the plastic of a new bag and showed Castiel which buttons to press on the microwave.
Now, sitting side-by-side on the couch with the popcorn resting in the middle of you, Castiel watched as you picked up the remote, scrolling thro
:iconeverytimechelle:everytimechelle 380 72
Crowley X-Reader - Puppy Love
    Your birthday has never been something you really wanted to celebrate. The boys insist in at least recognizing the occasion, so you let them take you out for dinner and accept whatever gifts they decide to present you with, but you always request that they leave you to the solitude of your room in the bunker at the end of the day so you can watch a movie on your laptop.
    This year they’ve decided to give you the entire bunker. Well, it was more of a result of Dean’s desire to go out to a bar and his convincing Sam to join him, but you get the bunker anyway.
    Halfway through your movie though, someone else decides to interrupt your solitude.
    “Having a good time, darling?”
    You look up to see Crowley standing in the doorway of your room, a decently sized box in his arms.
    “Crowley?” You close the computer and get to a sitting position on your b
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 76 6
Laboratory Tileset... by SD-Arius Laboratory Tileset... :iconsd-arius:SD-Arius 79 3 Tutorial Time 2 by Safety-Knight Tutorial Time 2 :iconsafety-knight:Safety-Knight 170 6 Adventure Time Tutorial part 3 by AskIce-Princess Adventure Time Tutorial part 3 :iconaskice-princess:AskIce-Princess 230 9 limbs reference (AT style) by FluffyAngelBunny limbs reference (AT style) :iconfluffyangelbunny:FluffyAngelBunny 222 1 Adventure Time Tutorial by AskIce-Princess Adventure Time Tutorial :iconaskice-princess:AskIce-Princess 401 37 Adventure Time Tutorial part 2 by AskIce-Princess Adventure Time Tutorial part 2 :iconaskice-princess:AskIce-Princess 464 53 BW Citrine Tileset: Resized by chimcharsfireworkd BW Citrine Tileset: Resized :iconchimcharsfireworkd:chimcharsfireworkd 353 116 XP Sprite ~ Clover ~ Free Download by RPGMakerWorld XP Sprite ~ Clover ~ Free Download :iconrpgmakerworld:RPGMakerWorld 5 9 Pixel Icon Tutorial by Kia-chaaan Pixel Icon Tutorial :iconkia-chaaan:Kia-chaaan 1,742 91 Pixel Hair Tutorial by tonkabuhr Pixel Hair Tutorial :icontonkabuhr:tonkabuhr 787 17


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
My Internet Calling Card Is Izuna Ugimachi.

~* Writer *~ ~*Amateur Artist*~ ~*Crafty*~

Find me on Twitter&Tumblr @LilDevilCake
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I'm attempting to learn how to use my new art tablet. I'm also using Krita Gemini to draw. I like it a lot better than photoshop. I do need help, I won't lie about that. I'm trying to do the whole sketch first or something before doing the draft. I'm not hoping to become a master overnight. That's kind of been my issue... I'm a little bit of a perfectionist.

                                                               Happy pink octopus Atomic Pincus 1 

The new guy and I went to Disney Quest. That's the place where I started to draw again... They had a person to teach you step by step on how to draw certain characters. I learned how to draw Goofy and the enemy from Phineas and Ferb. If I can find them maybe I'll post them.

                                                      Rainbow heartRainbow heartRainbow heartRainbow heartRainbow heart

I don't think I did that great. I mean, profiles were never an issue for me... It's the damn body that destroys me. But hey, practice makes perfect right?


I would love to learn... but it's difficult to find anything that can help with how to do what I would like to do...In progress by IzunaUgimachi

Squirreltale Sans looking to the side Sweating 


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