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Kazunori Itō
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.hack//SIGN, .hack//DUSK, .hack//QUANTUM
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Yuki Kajiura & VOCALOID (UTAU)
Favourite Books
.hack// manga and .hack// novles
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a lot --
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all .Hack// games, okami, skyrim, zelda, metroid, pokemon
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there's this thing called ".hack". Got it memorized?
Tagged Sort Of By ~Cutie-P (https://www.deviantart.com/cutie-p) (Mainly because she tagged :iconYoichi-masaki: but said Sin-Ga and Yoi told me to do it) Rules: 1. Post these rules 2. List eight facts about your character 3. Tag eight other deviants (won't) 4. List the names of the tagged character next to their creator's usernames (^) 1: Sin-Ga and Po don't actually share fathers, hence why Sin-Ga is Chinese and Po is not; Sin-Ga's parents split up while she was still just a toddler.         2: Sin-Ga was born in the U.S. and sent to China, so she's only Chinese due to her father's genes.                                                                                  
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How long have you been on DeviantArt? A little over 5 years now What does your username mean? IzuiII was a placeholder name given to the protagonist of the sequel to the first story of the two in the series. Since the second story was never written or even given a premise I just kept the name for myself. Describe yourself in three words. Awkward, rude, nerdy Are you left or right handed? Right What was your first deviation? It was a screenshot from the recreation of the Hulle Granz Cathedral from .hack in Minecraft What is your favourite type of art to create? Well, I did like to draw but I gave up due to my lack of skill, but it was f
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Been waiting for weeks for Naka to hop on Trove again. I just barley missed him :iconshitplz:
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Hey Izui! It's been a long while, how are you?

Hey, nice to meet ya ^^
:P Thanks for all the recent favs and comments fellow dothacker~ I don't suppose you plan to do a video with regards to CC2(EN)'s post? 
Oh no~ I don't have that sort of air about myself, I can only do things like direct messages
I'd be far too nervous and pedantic to record something I deemed worthy of putting on the internet and to be viewed by BamCo.
:P From what I've seen of you're awesome videos so far and one of the few main youtubers who post updates about .hack and spread the word on several platforms. I'm sure they would definitely include you in the Super Fan Friday given all your contributions to the community and ofcourse for your .hack collection as heck even all of the IMOQ nowadays is a challenge~ 

xD Though I was meaning just an update to fans about CC2(EN)'s latest post so they don't keep asking CC2 for more .hack aswell~ 
You seem to have mistaken who I am! lmao
My group does utau covers of vocaloid and other styles of music (And rarely Let's Plays), we have never posted a .hack video.
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