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It's a fan film.
It was supposed to be an ending for IZ.
But as we were making it, SURPRISE SURPRISE, Nickelodeon decided to launch an official IZ tv movie.

Now we're just gonna finish what we started because too many people put too much effort into this to justify shutting it down. Seriously. :)

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Jhonen Vasquez, Rikki Simons
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Invader ZIM
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Kevin Manthei, Mark Tortorici
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Jhonen Vasquez, Eric Trueheart
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Nicktoons Unite!
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The Irkbox
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Computer, Pencil, Paper, Microphones, Lights, Camera, ACTION!
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Live at 1:00 pm Eastern (10:00 am Pacific Time)! Come join in while I #Live #Stream some #InvaderZim #FanArt! https://youtu.be/6DIWNLJLCZM #Stream #Art #Livestream
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I'll be livestreaming the creation of Invader Zim fanart / animations today, from 12:00 to 4:00 EST. Hope to see you there! Today's Topic? Getting my iZ redesign to have more broad appeal while still being different. https://youtu.be/I1K1YtMzjWw
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https://youtu.be/NDzte0Ofg0g Get into this stream while you can STINKIES!!! #iZ #invaderZIM #Zim #Fanart #Stream #Livestream
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Thanks so much for the faves and keep up the great work on ya project!~ OwO
Thanks so much! And YOU keep up the cool artwork!!!
You’re most welcome and thanks!~
Hey there man. I just watched both videos on your channel. I totally understand and respect your decision. When I began my idea for my personal invader Zim movie, I faced the same issue as you: it was just too ambitious. Couple that with my interest in making original content and ultimately I came to the point (regardless if I explicitly told myself this) that my fan film would have to be a fan fiction, or simply not even be made at all.
Also, I think I see what you’re saying about your project versus the real thing, and I get it. I actually had a similar reaction too regarding my fan fiction. After seeing that the art is similar to the comic, that kinda threw me for a loop in terms of what my idea was for my fan fiction. But I mostly thought about you when I saw the official trailer. I actually was kinda thinking the same thing: “wow, this is really good....” And just now I’m starting to understand how much stress and anxiety you must be under.
My point is, don’t beat yourself up over this. You were, and still are, an amazing person. The project was awesome and it always will be, but don’t let it kill you. Even if it means throwing in the towel. Personally, I’m just happy that I was able to help you with even a small part of the project. It gave me some very valuable experience and taught me how to storyboard correctly. I can never thank you enough for that. Thank you so much for everything, Stanley! Please don’t beat yourself up over this.
You are in my thoughts and prayers!
PS: I hope everything I just said wasn’t too overbearing.
Not overbearing in the slightest. Thank you *SOOOO* much!
No problem! If I could give you a hug, I would do it so much that it would cause reality as we know it to implode on itself! TWICE!
Anyway, you take care of yourself. Take all the time you need. Whatever the project is at this point, I’ll be cool with. Do NOT let any haters or hecklers get you down.
I’m also super excited for anything that you might do in the future!!!
Best wishes to you and your future endeavors!!!!
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