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It's a fan film.
It was supposed to be an ending for IZ.
But as we were making it, SURPRISE SURPRISE, Nickelodeon decided to launch an official IZ tv movie.

Now we're just gonna finish what we started because too many people put too much effort into this to justify shutting it down. Seriously. :)

Favourite Visual Artist
Jhonen Vasquez, Rikki Simons
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Invader ZIM
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kevin Manthei, Mark Tortorici
Favourite Writers
Jhonen Vasquez, Eric Trueheart
Favourite Games
Nicktoons Unite!
Favourite Gaming Platform
The Irkbox
Tools of the Trade
Computer, Pencil, Paper, Microphones, Lights, Camera, ACTION!
Other Interests
I regret my project management in the past. I'm so sorry to everyone who had to work with me during the early years of iztdm's production. For real, a lot of people, especially in the concept art department, I feel like I let them down big time. I regret it immensely. I should have been better organized, I shouldn't have made so many impulse decisions, I shouldn't have overshared. Anyway, not sure if anyone is even going to read this lol; another thing I managed to do was decimate (possibly alienate) my audience. Just had to get this off my chest. Thanks for understanding.
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Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of activity on my DeviantART page. Yikes. I recall when I used to be getting so much done on here, so much interaction and posting so much fanart and engaging with the community. I hate how busy I've been lately, and that I haven't had time to re-engage iZ:tDm!'s social media stuff the way I should have. I genuinely want to hop back into things, but I don't know where to start. I'm working on music, audio, and boring inventory stuff for the project. Things are slow. But steady. Not sure what to say besides that, in all honesty. But I guess the bottom line is this: I haven't forgotten about this page. I just want to know how best to get things moving along again. I need to think on this...
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Hi there, everybody. Long time, no see. Man, it's been a while since I've done something like this. I'm not even sure if anyone will read it, but - eh - might as well give it a shot. FIRST THINGS FIRST: The Elephant in the Room. I showed up, I asked for volunteers, you all worked incredibly hard, and then... ...well, I basically had a total breakdown and wound down iZ:tDm!, effectively giving up on the project. This was - and remains - unacceptable. I still think about you all, and how much you helped me with the project. I still have your usernames (many probably outdated) sitting in a text document to credit you. I remember all the effort and skill you poured into it, only to have me shut the whole thing down. For that, I'm sorry. You knew you weren't getting paid - I made it as clear as humanly possible upfront - yet you worked anyways. You did it because you liked it. You did it for Invader Zim, just like I did. I am forever in your debt. So, what I am trying to
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Shouldn't he be a character in this?

not really. foodcourtia isn't involved, plus I have already finished the script and everyone has recorded their voice lines; I'm not going to redo it all just to insert a side character lol

Can I do some concept art for Invader Zim: The Doom Movie?

sorry, we aren't taking help at the moment. thanks for offering though! :)

Thanks so much for the faves and keep up the great work on ya project!~ OwO