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FYI: for the people who don't know who Frank Frazetta is (shame on you) [link]

Yes, people. At this very moment, Frank Frazetta is spinning in his grave, he’s spinning so fast in fact that his corpse is about to time travel to the past. However, his ghost will remain in the present to haunt me in my dreams. There he will proceed to torment me about my faults as an artist and how I will only be able to achieve a sprinkle of his greatness. To which I will reply “but…but Ponies are AWESOME”.

BTW this scream works so well [link]

Also, the logo on spike’s shield is thanks to :iconkloudmutt: so check it out there.

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YOU!! You go to Hell and die in fire!!! *Hulk out and smash stands of cardboard boxes.*
Meanwhile my teenage niece thinks it is cute. :P
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No shit Frazetta is spinning in his grave! Je-ay-zus! my ponies is the exact opposite of frank's work. funny though, haha. just promis to not re-do any of the conan covers with these.
ABronyAccount's avatar
Hmmm, that gives me an idea...
MOYRA-Athropos's avatar
First frame is so SKYRIM!
Vryko-Lakas's avatar
Dear God, yes! How have I not seen this beautiful abomination before now?
I think you just gave poor Frank another (posthumous) stroke, poor guy.
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HA! HA! refrences.
McQuackyPants's avatar
*spit take*
You are my hero.
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Reminds me of this comic: [link] :D
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pero que??? ''XD

geniaaaaaaaal!!! 8D
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haha hasta horita me di cuenta... y cuando lo hice rode como frank pero de felicidad :D
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Spike the Blood Knight!
Pimpslap-MeGee's avatar
*looks at picture*
*checks link*
*double takes*

I see no change in epicness here.
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:0 creo que frank ya era a su vez atormentado por las espirales de junji ito, lo único mas horrible que me puedo imaginar es que te persiga un tierno dragoncito en su lindo pony
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lol.. that was great :)
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By the way: Have you thought of doing an adaption of the cover of David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" album with the three Diamond Dogs from the "A Dog and Pony Show" episode?


Just a suggestion, of course...
Tarvoc's avatar
This is evil. Whenever I'll look at the original Death Dealer picture, I'll see Spike now... VERY well done.
Fendo-Slanzar's avatar
vi esto en tu perfil de ng y menos mal tenias en otros trabajos la marca de agua de este perfil en da, cuento corto aqui tengo perfil y puedo comentar xD
te quedo genial, no creo que el gran Farzetta se revuelque en su tumba por esto, apuesto a que estaria honrado, ya que una de las demostraciones más grandes de admiracion, suele hacer algo comico de algo serio.
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Spike is BADASS!!
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