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Welcome to #IZLuvers!

-==Welcome to IZLuvers!==-
--This group does have rules which must be followed if you wish to be a part of it!--

Due to some spam accounts Join requests are subject to vote.
so i'll accept based on account age :3

:bulletpurple: AFFILAITION :bulletpurple:
I ask that you please note me or the group regarding this instead of asking on the main page,thank you.

:bulletblue:Submit to the right folders! If by mistake you submit to the incorrect folder then note me and let me know!

- I'm fairly forgiving of misplaced submissions, but if it becomes apparent that you are continually not making an effort to submit to the right folder, you'll be suspended from group activity for two weeks. Keep doing it and you will receive a suspension for one month. Any more violations will get you kicked from the group.

- If your submission was rejected, it's likely because you've placed it in the wrong folder by accident. All rejected submissions will include a comment clarifying why it wasn't accepted.

:bulletblue: OCs are allowed! Just submit them to the OCs folder. If the picture is a pairing or a group but contains an OC, it still goes into the OC folder!

:bulletblue: If I believe your submission needs to be put under a mature content filter before it gets accepted into the group, then you'll need to add one and resubmit. Be mindful of the other members, and be sure to add a filter if it contains potentially offensive material.

:bulletblue: The content submitted must be created by you! That means no photos of things you bought but didn't make, and no artwork that is not your own. Artwork that looks like it was blatantly traced or copied from official art of the show will no longer be accepted. Please, make an effort to come up with something on your own.

:bulletblue: Please DON'T submit artwork that isn't your OWN or created by YOU. If they wanted their art submitted here they'd submit it themselves Joining is Automatic so I don't have to do it.

:bulletblue: DO NOT SPAM, FLAME or just be a general poop. You will be suspended if you are a member or banned if you continue your horrid behavior or are just a random deviant causing problems. If you have an issue with the group or a user, be mature about it and note the group.

:bulletblue: And remember, all submissions, including those under the Mature Content Section, must abide by the deviantART terms of service.

Submissions will be sorted through as soon as possible . Please avoid submitting the same artwork multiple times.

-This folder is for images containing Zim and Zim only

-This folder is for images containing Dib and Dib only

-This folder is for images containing Gaz and Gaz only

-This folder is for images containing Gir and Gir only

-This folder is for images containing Tak and Tak only

-This folder is for imagines with TWO OR MORE characters that contain no romance

-This folder is for images containing any canon character who does not have their own folder

-This folder is for images containing pairings or romance

-This folder is for comic strips and pages.

-This folder is for images that contain an OC, even if it contains a canon character

-This folder is for fanfictions poems or any other written deviation

-This folder is for characters made for other deviants to adopt. DO NOT submit a character you already adopted from somebody else or bases

-This folder is for things members have made that cannot be put on DA (sculptures, keychains, drawn on shoes, Gaz's necklace etc)

-This folder is for images that teach and inform other on how to do something

-This folder is for animations such as GIFs, Flash animations, Hand drawn or any image that contains movement.

-This folder is for photos of people cosplaying. DO NOT submit images of characters dressed as other characters

-This folder is for images containing mature themes. If the deviation uses any kind of filter, it must go here. For it to be in mature content, it must have a filter.

-This folder is for artwork containing one or more characters from another show or franchise

-This folder is for Commission Journals only points or money do not abuse this folder thank you so no repeat of the same journal please unless it's an updated version that has been updated within at least a month XD

-This folder is for artwork that does not fit the above categories

Note: Some folders take precedence over others in the category system. For example: a comic page that contains mature content will go under Mature Content rather than Comics. I will not likely penalize anyone for submitting the above example to a folder like Comics, but will instead leave a comment explaining which folder it should go under, and sorting the submission myself. However, this is not a free pass to be lazy about submitting to the right folder. Remember to at least make an effort to sort your own artwork.

Questions? Send the group a note!

(Edited 30/10/12 by Miraveldi)
-(edited by DarkQueen43 on 4/12/12 or December 4th 2012 )

List of founders (sorry co-founders/contributors)
Original founder nevlovesyou
second founder Khomaa
third founder Miraveldi
Current founder DarkQueen43
(please correct me with any other information i may have missed)


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You're not here because you're not logged in
Still looking for co-founders/contributors

Just thought I'd let you guys know, I'm not dead.

Very much still here.

Though, I am considering opening up a spot for Co-Founder or Contributor.

If you wish to be one of them.
Note me or the group.

Groups previously owned:
Founder of # groups:
Admin of # groups:  
As for me  if I filled it out

User: DarkQueen43
Experience: about 6 years currently :3
Groups previously owned: :icongoreydemisechallenge: (before i gave it to my second account)
Founder of 2 groups
Admin of 2 groups
Other: Been an admin of FreeGiveaways for about 6 years (march 2012 is when i made admin)

I'm tired right now.

Anyway if you got any questions feel free to ask me :3
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Hello I'm your Founder as of 4/12/12 I'm happy to answer any question also Feel free to note me about anything concerning the group.


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