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Being a nerd, being kind of away

Thu Nov 17, 2011, 1:06 PM
Uh, just wanted to say that neither me nor The Average God are dead. Simply, right now I'm developing a game (a multiplayer space shooter). It's being hard and tons of fun, thus all my "creative" efforts are focused on that, for now. Because I'm a male, and us typical males can't really focus on more than one thing at a time: only females usually have the multitasking superpower.

But, as soon as I'll have this game in further development, I'll jump back to The Average God, and be more present here. In the meantime, I'm checking all the great stuff you're making, but veeery slooowly. And Jelena keeps me informed (and happy).

Cheers to you all ;)

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  • Reading: A Clash of Kings
  • Watching: Fringe
  • Playing: Age of Chivalry
  • Eating: Fornetti!
  • Drinking: Milk and coffee

I can feature!

Thu Oct 13, 2011, 4:40 AM
Yey! I got a Premium membership from the always deligthful :iconthe-mirrorball-man: for participating in the Alien Saint contest. Thanks Julien! So now I'm playing with the premium options and making a feature! AH!

The Mirrorball Man

First of all, obviously, a feature of Julien. Both because I'm grateful, than because I simply love his stuff. He's peculiar, technically impressive (sometimes walking into the awesome), and always strives to experiment and make himself better (and it's definitely working).

My Life in Flux 33 by The-Mirrorball-Man
Christ with Sandwich by The-Mirrorball-Man Alien Saint VII by The-Mirrorball-Man thought machine 4 by The-Mirrorball-Man
K.A. by The-Mirrorball-Man Suburban Horror by The-Mirrorball-Man
Street Cosmonaut 24 by The-Mirrorball-Man Hobgoblin by The-Mirrorball-Man Lila is looking back by The-Mirrorball-Man
This is a test by The-Mirrorball-Man

Mature Content

Lila Dreams by The-Mirrorball-Man

Stuff I really loved in the last weeks

Simply, some pictures that lately impressed me.

Couples 1 by besnglist Couples 2 by besnglist Laura 7 by besnglist
Opey the Warhead Issue 4 Cover by cluedog :thumb255543892:
more sketchbook by mrdynamite Holidays of the future by mrdynamite solar system by mrdynamite
jul 01 01 by captainrosteck Sink Bad Stitch by cinderscar :thumb215769060:

Mature Content

watersnakes dos by tonysandoval
nocturno secuence by tonysandoval llenyataire by J-o-a-n
YOWZA by Alex-Cooper Penny of doom by BitterlyBlue

  • Listening to: Gorillaz
  • Reading: A Clash of Kings
  • Playing: Day of Defeat
  • Eating: Fornetti!
  • Drinking: Water

Contest: Pride and prejudice-less

Sat Aug 6, 2011, 2:12 PM


We (:iconbesnglist: and :iconizitmee:) are feeling very giddy lately, so we would like to see daring stuff that doesn't suck. This contest is about using at least 4 dA mature filters*, trying not to break dA's subjective submission policy.
We'd especially love to see people that normally don't go the prejudice-less way take advantage of this occasion to create something different from usual.


  • You can see the submissioned stuff here (where you will find our out-of-competition examples}.
  • When you submit something write a comment here so we know (and can express our utter gratitude).
  • The winner will be decided in the most subjective way by the two of us, based on quality, idea, originality, and awesomeness.
  • Expiration date: end of september


A one page comic from the two of us, based on the subject you decide (we'll just do it, without sending the original, because we're lazy and it's a pain in the ass), but we will dedicate all our talents (:D) to your service.


False Advertising by :iconjdagonzalez: :iconcheerplz:

We chose her because:
  • She fully hit all 4 filters
  • She surprised us
  • We like it! The eerie mix of cuteness, bright colors, and cruel raunchyness is so unexpectedly fascinating

That said, thanks to all of you small bunch of participants: you made us so happy with your fascinating pictures, and kept a really high quality. Hope you will be  here for the next giddy contest :)


Sexual Themes
Strong Language
Ideologically Sensitive

Uh, just wanted to apologize for every comment I didn't reply to, wonderful deviations I didn't favorite and comment, and contributor activity I ignored in the last days. Great things are happening, and I'm very distracted. I'm also leaving in a few days, and I won't be on dA for some more weeks. So, that's it, for now. The near future is mysterious and bright, I'm very happy and excited, and I wanted to apologize :aww: See you in a while :wave: (uhm, did I just look immature enough? oh, ok, that's me :D)