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The Average God - Prelude - 3 by izitmee, visual art

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Last time I was away by izitmee, visual art

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Uh, just wanted to say that neither me nor The Average God are dead. Simply, right now I'm developing a game (a multiplayer space shooter). It's being hard and tons of fun, thus all my "creative" efforts are focused on that, for now. Because I'm a male, and us typical males can't really focus on more than one thing at a time: only females usually have the multitasking superpower. But, as soon as I'll have this game in further development, I'll jump back to The Average God, and be more present here. In the meantime, I'm checking all the great stuff you're making, but veeery slooowly. And Jelena keeps me informed (and happy). Cheers to you al
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What's the difference between eroticism and pornography?

55 votes
Eroticism is female, pornography is male
Eroticism is implicit, pornography is explicit
Eroticism hides, pornography reveals
Eroticism is fake, pornography is true
Eroticism arouses your mind, pornography arouses your body
Depends on the "openness" of a person
The cake is a lie
I don't care, and you will burn in hell
Other (comments welcome)
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I can feature!

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Yey! I got a Premium membership from the always deligthful ~The-Mirrorball-Man (https://www.deviantart.com/the-mirrorball-man) for participating in the Alien Saint contest. Thanks Julien! So now I'm playing with the premium options and making a feature! AH! The Mirrorball Man First of all, obviously, a feature of Julien. Both because I'm grateful, than because I simply love his stuff. He's peculiar, technically impressive (sometimes walking into the awesome), and always strives to experiment and make himself better (and it's definitely working). :thumb75822281: :thumb216936798: :thumb190435665: :thumb214398624: :thumb250163708: :thumb168699775: :thumb210253719: :thumb101116874:
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Hello again, thanks for adding me to your watch list! :)
Hello again, it was a pleasure :)
Thank you so much for the Favorites =)=)=)
Was the least I could do :)

Okay, so I've been playing Goscurry constantly over the past little bit, and I'm addicted.  It's mind-cleansing and intense and yet somehow tranquil.  I've decided that I want to plug the hell out of the game and tell my readers over at the Puck site about the game in the hopes that I can drum up some sales.  My question is this: when is it best for me to tell people about the game?  Should I do that now, or wait for the official release?  What works better for you?


I don't like plugging things I don't believe in, but dang it, I believe in this.  This game is awesome!

Wah! Thanks you gigantically much!!!! I am enormously happy that you're digging it, and thanks for the help, for which I deeply bow in gratitude! It's pluggable already if you want :) As a small thankyou, can I put an avatar in the game as a homage to Puck and a link to the smackjeeves website in the "credits - homages" (which currently has no links, but I wanted to add them in the next version)?

BTW, if you didn't update, I released the new version with the Paranoid mode (just redownload and reinstall). And if you want, you can leave your mail here (where there's the newsletter box) so I'll warn you about each update :) 

I'll definitely plug the game soon.  A Puck-type avatar would be insanely cool!  The new Puck site is actually www.puckcomics.com.  I switched over to a Wordpress-based site near the beginning of the year, though I still maintain the Smackjeeves site with backdated strips.

But yeah.  This game is great, because it's just so pure.  It's not a memorization nightmare, like the old Battletoads; it's a pure test of reflexes and the timing is perfect.  If you're good enough, you can keep going forever.  (I'm not good enough, but even when I manage to get to the next city, that's enough satisfaction for me.)  Oh, and the music rocks too.  I'm definitely going to order me one of those soundtracks.