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Zintiel Cosplay at DragonCon

Didn't get a lot of pictures of this costume because most people there didn't recognize the cosplay.

Zintiel, high elven chaos warrior (they wouldn't let me bring my swords in - and I didn't own any fakes) - by :iconfalingard: of Flaky Pastry web comic

I also know it's not an "official" costume she's worn in the comic, but she changes clothes a lot for a comic character. She's been seen in chain mail (even a chain mail bikini sketch on the artist's DA gallery), and jeans, and I figured, she'd wear whatever the hell she wants.

Also, took 2 cans of spray on purple hair color, and my b/f trying to copy the chaos mark on her hip from a pic on his phone.
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Next year contact me so we can get you some pro shots.
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danke! I'm not 100% sure if I'll be at D*Con next year, looks like I might be burning up all my funds to go to Thailand instead.
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Well if you do, get in touch, and heck, Enjoy Thailand!!
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I am going this year (2014) but I'm probably not going to bring Zintiel, but a generic chainmail chick (got chainmail leggings from mitmunk now!) and the purple hair spray was problematic in the long run...
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We will be out and about shooting much of the Con, so happy to set up a meet to shoot for you if you like.
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could you shoot me a message with rates?
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Heeey, Zintiel cosplay! Nice :D

Good job! Your bf did good on the mark, haha. And you're right, Zintiel does wear whatever the hell she wants, and this outfit is not at all unlikely!
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Yay! I wish my friend would get back to me with some other pics. I have one where I'm still Zintiel, but I have found a lightsaber, and I thought "what would happen if Zintiel ever found a real lightsaber?" Much maniacal laughter ensued.
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