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By Izaskun
a fanart from a character called nymphora from the game 'heroes of newerth'

more info about her: [link]
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© 2010 - 2021 Izaskun
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D3M0NHUNT3R117's avatar
i like her armor, gj
s0ffeh's avatar
aaaaaweesome! love her new pink skin haha :3
aweswome, faved u cuz of the HoN fanart ;p would be awesome if u made smth for the female martyr skin, its adorable!
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rezaANThem's avatar
take someone to teleport, this is teleporter hero
xXFLiqPyXx's avatar
This makes me wanna play nymph lol =D
marcgosselin's avatar
Love your fairy.
Blavit's avatar
my fav Hero
eXiidus's avatar
Nymphora is quite cool. :D Annoying voice tho. xD
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Elinewton's avatar
WOW!! Great image!!
I love all the parts!!
jaycoob's avatar
Nicely done! :D
queenb9999's avatar
bad ass nymph! I love this and I love playing her!! great job! :heart: :+fav:
NoctaLuna's avatar
Rattlesnark's avatar
Cute, and deadly! A necessary reminder never to mess with the nymphs!
kingaby's avatar
why is the lightsource behind her when shes holding a bright light infront of stomache?

armour looks kickass though
Ludvera's avatar
That's a very faszinating picture =)
Pjools's avatar
This is amazing!
Please do Andromeda next if you do decide to do another, with your fine detail she would look so awesome.
Izaskun's avatar
thank you! i already began with andro (i like this hero too ;D)
i was still trying to find the right look (this sparkling magical look she has xD)
i wish i had more time for things like this, atm im a bit busy xDD
Pjools's avatar
ahhh! awesome!
She's my favourite, I got halfway through drawing her and gave up. And yeah it's hard to capture that without making her look 2D.
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Makki-Summer's avatar
Beautiful <3
Do you play the awesome game of HON? :D
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