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By Izaskun
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I recently rewatched the Outlaw Star Anime, so here's a little fanart of the ctarlctarl  xD
Actually I found her a bit annoying in the beginning but gotta love the 90's fashion style  xDD
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I love this! 🤩

Forever my favorite anime and you brought Aisha to life! Definitely a sort of comic relief but you brought out her fierce, collected side.

Is there a 1920 x 1080 version for sale?

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i need a 1920 x 1080 version of this in my life. maybe just do a simple edit and bring out the sides to fit 1920 x 1080?
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Cool and sexy :D
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Oh my god.
This is so gorgeous I can't even words.
Thank you for drawing this, like seriously.
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Meeche-MaxHobbyist Digital Artist
wow nice job
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yaichinoHobbyist Digital Artist
mystische elfe *_*
find das gold hast du hammer gemacht >________<
man meint, es wäre lebendig (also echtes gold XD)
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..Feel free to re-watch (or watch) Tenchi Muyo! and draw washu like this ^.^
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Redakai74Hobbyist General Artist
Wow amazing, the lights and shades are incredible. Is she an assassin, or are those claws just for decoration?
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You should make one of silly Aisha as well, when she is goofy :D
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GhostCreekHobbyist Digital Artist
Shame they didnt do more with the show. Oh well. Gonna have to re-watch it soon =) Great rendition of her. Best char of OS.
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Hunter-WolfHobbyist Digital Artist
That's one hell of an amazing tribute to one of the most amusing Outlaw Star characters.
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horse1313Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow really nice version of her. Great piece.
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This is beautiful work!

I always felt that she had fur (very close-lying short fur to be exact). That's just was my take on it. However, this rendition is very lovely as well.
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I'll be sure to have a hot lava "hot spring" ready for her ;3 
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JMOAHobbyist Digital Artist
8-) Classic
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ShaozChampionStudent Digital Artist
ooh sexy render of Aisha =3
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That's absolutely incredible!

Looking at some of your other work, I am completely in awe of your style and technique.  Very inspiring!
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Wow, this is the first piece I found with DA's "Undiscovered" feature, and it is amazing. I loved Outlaw Star when I was a teenager and this is a great rendition of Aisha. Nice work.
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Hilda and Suzuka were my favorite! This is adorable art of Aisha though!
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