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Wed Jan 4, 2017, 3:44 PM

Feel free to ask some questions and I'll probably post them here.

Where can I find you online?

Here's a list of my social media handles. I'm more active on Tumblr and Twitter for contacting purposes.

Where can I buy your stuff?

You can find a list of my shops here. If you find it elsewhere, more than likely that isn't me. Do message me at my social links above or contact me through email so I can resolve this.

What art programs do you use?

Currently working only in Clip Studio Paint EX. I use Photoshop CS5 for touch-ups right now, such as using better gradients in Photoshop that Clip Studio Paint still lacks in.

What are the brushes you use?

I use brushes that are converted from Paint Tool Sai to Clip Studio Paint. They were the original settings of onisuu's brushes that I used in Paint Tool Sai that I have now moved to Clip Studio Paint. You can buy Izagar's Art Brushes on my shop. I also use some of Shrineheart's brushes that she has for sale at her Gumroad.

What tablet do you use?

A Genius G-Pen F610 tablet. Pretty decent little thing. I want to upgrade it since they don't sell nibs no more and my nibs are getting fairly tiny. .w.;

What projects are you working on?

I am working on a novel-turned-webcomic called Naevorlis. It's still in the planning and design stages and more than likely will be for a bit longer since I'm a perfectionist. *TRIPS* However you can see previews and such on my Patreon if you become my patron! :D

Do you stream your art or do speedpaints?

I do streams occassionally. Please look at my latest journals to see if I am streaming now. Information about my streams are here:

Stream InfoPlease see latest journal to see if I am streaming. This is info only. Thanks. :heart:

As for speed paints and time lapses, I will gradually work on doing some.

Do you do commissions?

You can check the status of my commissions down below.

UPDATE - Commission InformationOld. All information is now available at: .

(Will add more questions later.)

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January 4, 2017