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Ahhh, rockman/megaman. How I loved playing that game. It was truly hard too.
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XD HAUauHahuhua Good Times dude. My Fav game when i was a kid.
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Like the other guys commenting, I would like to add that the super deformed style and the pixellated shot add to this picture. The cherubic nose and the rosy cheeks make this Mega Man look cute as well :)
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this gonna be my wallpaper
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Haha, Thanks!
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This is a pretty great interpretation of Rockman. Good job. Especially liking the eyebrows.
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This is just fonderwul :D *BANG* ~theme song playing...~
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I'm sure never have seen Mega like this!!!
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I always liked the Bosses in the original Mega Man games.
I am simply in love with the way you draw, sir.
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haha, why Thank you! You've got awesome work too, and when I actually get a chance to Peruse your gallery, I'm sure I'll find more that I will want to favorite as well!
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i never played a rockman game, i wished i had now years ago...i feel i was missing something
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An impressive carature. The pixel-isc blast is a nice touch.
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Hahahaha, this is really funnny. I like the chibi design XD

Very nice, like all your chibis (x
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