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Garbage Totoro

I Love Dasutodasu/Garbodor and Trubbish/Yabukuron. I also LOVE Totoro. So I decided to draw me riding a Garbage Totoro!
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My Neighbor Garbodor
Toldentops's avatar
aaaaaah this is too cute.
Moon311's avatar
Poor garbage Totoro... I feel you
Roaring-Flame-Cat's avatar
Lol!! Wat? XD This is great.
BloodyEye's avatar
Garbodor and Trubbish are among my faves of the current gens. Even if nobody else likes them.
ayame-maiden's avatar
This is cute! X)
futuresushi's avatar
my little trashtoro <3
deedee53100's avatar
hahaha hes trash
Cotton-gravy's avatar
Did you know that they actually did a Totoro parody with Garbodor in the tv show a few months back? :D
JustinSane721's avatar
The Cheshire grin just makes garbodor 10,000 times more amazing
scythemantis's avatar
My favorite Pokemon and easily one of its most adorable fan-arts.

[link] - the similarity by the way has been acknowledged by the show! Gothita wakes up a sleeping Garbodor almost shot-for-shot like the sleeping Totoro scene. I've pretty much only watched the anime to see Trubbish and Garbodor's appearances :p
raichu's avatar
you just MADE my LIFE
MugoUrth's avatar
There may be people who like this guy just because he's unpopular. But the first time I saw him, I adored him even before I knew he was going to be hated.
lizerdspherex's avatar
He's so cuddley with all those prickly surgic needles & dead animals inside him!
TamarinFrog's avatar
Okay, this has to be the weirdest and cutest combo I've ever seen!

Kitty-Gizmo's avatar
Hahaha!! I love your expression so much!! This is so cute! :'D
Izaart's avatar
Thank you! :'D
Closer-To-The-Sun's avatar
I lol'd.

Best combo ever.
weja's avatar
dood YES. when i first saw garbagebag dood in game i just about cried with happiness it was so magnificent #__# this is the best.
Izaart's avatar
Haha, Thanks! Glad you agree :D
Blaziken54's avatar
i luv them too :heart:
bwahhaha good job on garbodors smile! and pinky up on umbrella!
Ep1cShad0w's avatar
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