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Published: December 12, 2013
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Okay, time to update this, since it has been receiving lot of attention. First off, I wrote this at 2 am in the night so my grammar and stuff may not be top notch. Second of all, this has all been written on the point of view of an indian 15 year old boy, namely ME. While i respect all your views and comments on the new CN, you're forgetting the point of this piece of literature: Its my experience. Written from MY point of view.
I wonder how many of you actually read this tho... sigh.


Here's something I wrote quickly, which takes you on a journey into my past as a kid. I had no internet back then, not many friends. All I had was the TV set and that rigorous schedule. *wink*
Please take your time and read through this.
This piece of writing is © Izanagi Aadi and is a part of my dissertation. Thought I'd share it with ya.
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When everything you know has come and gone.............
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Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] Despair [Adventure Time] 
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allentjStudent General Artist
that's so cool how do you even do that
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Iza-nagiHobbyist General Artist
im sorry but what
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TswordZHobbyist General Artist
Changes... good or bad, one must accept them or adapt itself. No good cartoons now, then more anime in my pc, lol.
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NanafanforeverStudent Writer
And what about all the children watching those crappy shows?
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TswordZHobbyist General Artist
Instead they must see anime...

Ok, maybe not very good idea.

But that's the problem. For little childs, Discovery Kids is ok. After that... gues just anime or videogames remaining (Of course, sport is better, but not always could be practiced). Spore or minecraft offline could be useful for kids.
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I can't get the PDF
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VrandielStudent General Artist
i agree with you... as a kid i enjoyed so many awesome shows but now..... they even took away Animax!!! now i have no chance of knowing what that anime was that i remember so vaguely... POGO is also going down but at least they still air Pokemon Black And White at 9 pm...
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cognition3Hobbyist General Artist
I really loved reading that. I too had my TV routine after school, and before. Times have certainly changed. Reading this, I was transported back to an earlier self where I couldn't wait to get home in time for my favourite programs. The nostalgic intimacy gives the reader that connection to the boy, you, making it much easier to envisage being in that scenario again, which makes this such a brilliant piece of literature. It's also wrote quite beautifully. It was channel 72 that I would come home too, and those were the best years of my life. Which is why, I've spent the past two years re-watching some of my old favourites. :)
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Iza-nagiHobbyist General Artist
thanks so mcuh for sharing your lovely experience and im also happy you can relate! what more can a writer ask for?! :D
peace! xD
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Ninjie13Hobbyist General Artist
Where dat image go?

Anyways, I simply love the topic. I can't believe I haven't seen this up until now.
Instant favorite. Keep up your mind-blowing, artistic frenzied work Izanagi ^u^
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Iza-nagiHobbyist General Artist
thanks so much! :D glad you like.
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BansiniHobbyist General Artist
Lovely piece. It really captures what it was like, sitting in front of the telly a few years ago. 

I read through the comments, and a lot of opinions are being shared on how new CN has a few good shows, and a bunch of other things.
What I find interesting is that they all respond from a different perspective, when here in India we don't recieve any of those shows, there is no Toonami or adult swin, and hasn't been for many years. I don't think they could connect to your point of view, but reading this piece carefully makes me feel that it is an important window into a different perspective. The internet is a great thing. Keep improving! ^v^

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Iza-nagiHobbyist General Artist
Wow, finally someone who COMPLETELY understands the situation!
so happy reading your comment :hug:
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I couldn't help smiling as I read this. I have very similar memories of when I was watching Pokemon.
I must say though, some shows I never really liked very much at the time. Maybe it was my age (I was WAY younger 15 at the time Hoenn was airing), but I always immersed myself in the world, and when I wasn't watching it, chances are I was having my own made-up adventures while daydreaming about Pokemon. I loved Code Lyoko and other shows at the time, but not much else. Other ones never really interested me.
Nowadays, I still find entertainment in watching a few of the shows, like Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Amazing World of Gumball (which is surprisingly fun to watch, at least to me). Adventure Time seems to capture my thirst to live in a fun, exciting world unlike the real one, kind of how I feel while I daydream, and at the same time it rouses deep feelings in me for its characters. Regular Show is the sort of thing you wish you could do with your friends, and Gumball is just funny, albeit childish, but I still like the antics. Everything else is just meh to me. I do go to Boomerang (now that I know what channel it's on) and watch some of the old ones that no longer air on Cartoon Network, like the original Teen Titans and the old Pokémon.
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Iza-nagiHobbyist General Artist
:) Thank you very much for sharing
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I know Cartoon Network was awesome back then and that those days will always be good, but you can't let nostalgia limit your horizons. A lot of today's shows on Cartoon Network are actually pretty good. :iconpissedplz: Except for Problem Solverz and Max Steel.
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Iza-nagiHobbyist General Artist
lol. okay.
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CN stopped being it since they started airing live-action shows. I mean, the name is Cartoon Network. Oh gawd why.
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WilmsyHobbyist General Artist
I'm so happy that I'm not the only one that's broken-hearted over what C.N has become >.>" There's nothing wrong about it for all the newer generation, yet that makes me sad as well since they'll never understand nor be able to appreciate what we got to witness and immerse ourselves into. :aww: I miss the classics. Pokemon, Johnny Bravo, Ed Edd and Eddie.. lol even 2 Stupid Dogs :rofl:!

C.N. used to be on my "favorites list".. now I don't even bother. It's been a good 3-4 years since I just stopped trying to browse C.N.'s list to see where the goodies were. Not saying there AREN'T any good shows on there! I hope no one takes any offense- this is, too, my PERSONAL opinion. =D

Very creative to write out a 2 am:laughing:! I enjoyed it immensely and it brought me back to MY "good ol' days"! THANK YOU FOR THAT :heart: :glomp:
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Iza-nagiHobbyist General Artist
ahhh all those old shows :iconhappytearplz:

thanks for appreciating :hug: glad you liked.
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WilmsyHobbyist General Artist
:iconfoxgiggleplz: It's nice to actually find someone else that REMEMBERS those :laughing:!
:highfive: Again, great work! I loved remembering everything from the good old days :iconredbullglompplz:
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