UGH. Lame.

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I finally got to uploading the next set of icons and deviantArt sez: "TOO BIG!"

With almost 100 1024x1024 icons in three formats, the zip file is 250 MB. The file size limit is 200 MB. :(

So I'll have to split them up into "Set 2" and "Set 3" and re-package them all for two separate uploads.

Sorry for the extended delay. MONDAY fo' sho'

Here's a preview of the icons:
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Very nice visual slap. A pointueux work and it deserves more attention.
I have two points to make in the hope that you will give an update :) For Spotify and Chrome. For Chrome, why not use the App Store version of circular shape (as Safari or Preview). Then for Spotify, why not use circular and introduce updated Spotify logo with three black stripes form.
You're not, of course not require to take into account.
I hope that in another set you can make the day remnants of systems icons (iphoto..) And utilities (terminal..)
Good luck.
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Will do. ;)

To be honest, I don't use Spotify or Chrome ever. I didn't know they had changed!