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iOS 7 Set 3

'Flat' iOS 7 style icons.

You can download my Photoshop and Illustrator template to create your own icons and ensure consistency with these: [link]

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom:

-Picture Clipping
-Sound Clipping
-Text Clipping
-Unknown Clipping
-Location: AFP
-Location: File
-Location: FTP
-Location: Generic
-Location: HTTP
-Location: MAILTO
-Location: News
-Microsoft Office: Word
-Microsoft Office: PowerPoint
-Microsoft Office: Excel
-Microsoft Office: Entourage
-Speed Download
-doo Folder
-FontExplorer Folder
-AirPort Utility
-Recovery Disk
-Recovery Disk alt

• Includes .ICNS (Mac), .ico (Windows), .PNG (Android) and an iContainer for CandyBar & LiteIcons
• Maximum resolution 1024 x 1024
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May I know how much do you self it for?
Hi there...
These are beautiful. Thank you
Do you have an Outlook icon to complete the set by any chance?

Thanks and Kind Regards

Ah, wrong one.  That was OneNote.  Here is Outlook:
I needed it too so I created one.  Feel free to use it!
These are beautiful :love:
- are they available in a packager like Iconpackager?

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thanks for sharing, regards
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and a stickies app icon also ios7 themed and in .icns format.... :)
NinjaFysh's avatar
do you think that you can make a ios7 themes onenote icon in .icns format thanks
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This is So AWESOME!
TaureanRuler's avatar
may i ask how do you install them?
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Read the description of this deviation:
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cool and add this one i made for ios 7 but it mycomputer icon

minimacmaniac's avatar
ALSO matching Bridge and Lightroom pllllleeeeeaaaaaasssse
maxa11an's avatar
Check out my set, all Adobe CCs!
minimacmaniac's avatar
Any chance you could do a matching outlook icon to go with the rest of the office set?
It's beautiful! Using them on my computer now. Thank you so much for this! Could you make icons for iWork, too?
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League of Legends (HEHE)
limprevisible's avatar
Requests : Airmail, AppDelete, Muzzy, Onyx, Glui.
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Please would it be possible for you to make another icons in iOS7 style ? Like Alfred, Aperture, carbon copy cloner, Airmail, Stickies, Clean My Mac, Dashdoard.....
Christophe31's avatar
Thanks and sorry but I did not see that before
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