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iOS 7 Documents

'Flat' iOS 7 style icons.

You can download my Photoshop and Illustrator template to create your own icons and ensure consistency with these icons: [link]

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom:
-Generic Document

• Includes .ICNS (Mac), .ico (Windows), .PNG (Android), and an iContainer for CandyBar
• Maximum resolution 1024 x 1024
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What is the license agreement like. Can this be used for commercial use or personal only? Thanks!
make an icon for Pages, Keynote and Numbers files!
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Beautiful work!
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hey, how do you get to add the preview image and then the actual file to download???
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thx again also for this :D
Sorry if this is really basic, but how do you change, for example, this MP3 icon for the black MP3 icon?
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It's easy to change file type icons for every file of that type in Windows. I don't bother with it on Mac OS X.

In Windows when you change the icon for a file type, every icon changes forever. In Mac OS, there is a stack of settings for each file: If the specific file has a custom icon, then if the specific file has a custom program association, then if the file has a default program, then if the file has no default program but is a common file type set by Mac OS X, and then a generic icon. …not to mention OS X's preview rendering, which overrides all of these. Once you actually get te custom icon set, it can change when default programs change, or a new file is created and given a custom icon.

To get MP3s to show up with a custom icon, you have to turn off Finder's preview icon rendering, and then replace the document icon inside iTunes (or whatever default program you open MP3s with) with the new document icon.

Basically, it's just too much trouble, and your hard work can be undone by a software update, new default program, or just a new file.

If you want to find out, Google should know. I've never bothered to try. Sorry!
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Why not just archive formats of the system.
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Encore une création agréable à l'oeil !
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