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FREE TO USE warrior cats icons


July 28: added Dustpelt,
Runningnose, Brokenstar/tail, Crookedstar, Leopardstar, Tallstar, Cloudtail

July 27: added Darkstripe

July 25: added Silverstream
Lionheart, Cinderpelt, Brightheart, redtail


they are purposely exaggerated because it's funny, don't take them too serious.

This is the first series. I will update and add more!! If you want you can comment with names of characters from the first series that you really want

but beware, I will exaggerate

Characters are (from left to right)
Graystripe | Ravenpaw | Firestar/heart | Sandstorm | Whitestrorm | Spottedleaf
Scourge | Yellowfang | Bluestar | Tigerstar/claw | Longtail | Silverstream |
Lionheart | Cinderpelt | Brightheart | (dead) redtail | Darkstripe | Dustpelt |
Runningnose | Brokenstar/tail | Crookedstar | Leopardstar | Tallstar | Cloudtail |

here are the seperated ones:


You are free to use them as icon or "sticker" on any platform

just a credit including my deviantart name somewhere about it would be appreciated, but not neccessary.
If someone asks you by whom your icon is then, please do credit me.


Characters belong to the book series "Warrior cats" by Erin Hunter!! I take credit for individual designs, which were done by research and descriptions given in the books (and my own imagination of the characters looks) that rhymes

and credit for dousie for "mental support" and suggesting looks etc, may she rest in peace
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Graystripe: superior to all cats

Ravenpaw: depressed

Fireheart: hey hottie

Sandstorm: jealousy

Whitestorm: kind of normal

Spottedleaf: drugged herself with an herb

Scourge: looks cool

Yellowfang: old wrinkly

Bluestar: clear frustration face

Tigerclaw: top ten anime betrayals

Longtail: i am de best

Silverstream: hawt

Lionheart: looks a wise character from an animated movie

Cinderpelt: ew herbs

Brightheart: MY EYE, WHAT THE H-

Redtail: doesnt know hes about to be killed

Darkstripe: boi what da hell boi

Dustpaw: cross-eyed

Runningnose: god my nose hurts

Brokentail: dead inside and outside

Crookedstar: wistful

Leopardstar: judgemental

Tallstar: "idk- i just exist,"

Cloudtail: chad

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Bright Heart scares me, legitimately. 😰

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i love the spottedleaf one so much

InotSyd's avatar

Spotted leaf on lsd be like:

PeachyLollieTheQueen's avatar

Yas..I might use these lol.

I wanna see some Snowkit here. And Mosskit. Or Thrushpelt,

Can't wait to see the second series (which would be leafpool, squilf, stormfur, feathertail, possibly midnight, brook, tawnypelt, hawkfrost, mothwing, and sasha)

oml i need those

VVolfs100's avatar

I really not a fan of the art style but.....good job! 🙂

Obi1kittynobi's avatar
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I like cinderpelt or Whoever that is

PeachyLollieTheQueen's avatar

Yeh, her name is Cinderpelt. True legend

Demon---Wolf's avatar

My fave out of these is 100% Leopardfur/star


lowkey just commented to be the 1000th comment, but amazing work!!

VaniiilaBerrry's avatar

Fireheart graystripe longtail

Lunar-Foxes's avatar

So full of expression!

lOvErEdPaNdAs's avatar

Mistyfoot and Stonefur

CoCoDragon565's avatar

Wow. I was just comparing some of these then realized just how much older you made Silver look than Grey. Great icons

aBcDfGhIjKlMnOpQr's avatar

do you mean silverstream?

Lunar-Foxes's avatar

That’s not from the first series!

aBcDfGhIjKlMnOpQr's avatar

longtail look like he finaly saw beyonce (srry bout spelling) wink at him lol and can i use these for my profile? im SUCH a big fan, just started twilight on the new prophecy. can i use them for my profile?

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Oh no poor Ravenpaw he looks like Tigerclaw just took his fresh kill🥺 I love all of these though good job

Vanilla-lattee's avatar

These are so cute~!

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Omg i can’t believe how long it took me to FINALLY fine this amazing drawing!! I found this on google a few years ago and never ever found it again! This is amazing!!
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These are so good! I used Scourge, but might use Mapletail too (if thats who I think it is-)

Lunar-Foxes's avatar

Mapletail doesn’t exist

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