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Yes i'm bring VGM of the Week back even though i'm no longer writing for oprainfall and need to worry about meeting minimums. So I figure I am going to write these just for whenever the hell I feel like talking about VG Music. So yeah, this week's VGM, I'm talking about one of the definitive tracks from my favorite video games series of all time; Mother... or Earthbound; whatever is more convenient to say.

Anyway, regarding the music of the series, each of the games has a different distinct style to it. The first game, specifically, had a very melodic approach compared to the other two games. Obviously this is because the NES soundchip has a lot of limitations so it is a lot harder to focus on a quality track that isn't melody driven. So how appropriate that our VGM of the Week is "The Eight Melodies."

Despite being only about 30 seconds long, this song has a pretty strong emotional power to it. For once, this song is actually a key element of the game's plot. Throughout the game, you are collecting 8 pieces of this melody. They are ultimately used as the key to defeating the final boss of the game, but I won't spoil how. However, there is more to the song than that, as it is also has a major presence in this game's breathtaking ending theme.

This song slowly builds upon the previously established melody by adding more chords to it in a way that makes each one feel more impactful. By the third time the melody loops, one is pretty much completely captivated. After a short interlude, it then transitions into a more upbeat remix of game's main theme that picks up in speed slowly until calmly settling out similarly to how the track started. Is pretty much exactly how i feel an ending theme should be, it should remind you that you came far and make you feel accomplished while also giving off an emotional feel to it. Also I just feel like if you have a beautiful ending track, you leave a lasting impact on the player. The exit is always as memorable as the entrance. But wait, there's more, specifically in terms of this song's various arrangements.

The vocal soundtrack version gives off a more classical approach than the purely melodic approach of the in game version. There is generally a reason why I tend to not count songs sung with a choir for Amazing audio notepages. Mainly because they go with different approaches and they will unfairly take a high rating in the vocal category. However, I can tell Jeremy Budd's voice is prevalent in this arrangement in addition to the version of "All that I Needed Was You." (And yes, Jeremy was still very young when he sang this which is the most likely way a male can sing with such a high voice). I will admit that the lyrics seem a bit corny to me at points, but the arrangement more than makes up for it. Also of note is that this was used in the Japanese commercial for the game. Speaking of which, the tagline for the game in Japan was "Guaranteed masterpiece; No crying until the end" which to be honest, was kinda pretentious. And the "no crying until the end" would have been more fitting for the third game, in which it would have been a legit challenge.

The next is the lost Super Smash Bros Brawl version. Okay technically the one in the video is fan made but there was data in the game that suggested that it was initially planned to have an 8 Melodies Remix. Either way, this specific arrangement is amazing. It manages to perfectly capture what a melodic arrangement of the original track would sound like, and i love the instrumentation choice they had for the first few notes. Also I want to bring up a side rant here for a bit. To any of the people arguing about that whole "but it's too calming to be in a fighting game derp derp" shit, this is the same game that had a remix of Snowman in the game, which itself was a calming track. Even if it didn't, that argument is stupid as hell for a few reasons. 1: Smash Bros is a fanservice game (no not THAT kind of fanservice you per... actually considering Shulk and Zero Suit Samus in the most recent game... ah screw it, you're still perverts), meaning that people are more interested in seeing things they recognize from their favorite series. Also this includes retaining a feeling of the original games, which yes, includes an element of atmosphere to it. Also, just remember that your philosophy is what gave us this abortion.

and this

Yeah, the Smash Bros fanbase is retarded.

The version from the latest Smash Bros combines it with a remix of the Magicant theme, which fits considering that the 8 Melodies have a close relevancy to that area of the game. Admittedly there is not much to say as I have not played Smash Bros 4 yet, but I do like this one.

Well that concludes this weeks VGM. See you next week if I decide to do so next week as well.
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