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Jason in Red

Rendered with DazStudio 4.9/Iray
Model : Michael 7 (With Gianni 7 Skin)
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Outstanding!!! Fine, real-looking defined physique. I notice many enjoy creating extreme muscle mass. Many look like the incredible Hulk; or like extreme, steroid-using body builders. I appreciate this; everyone has different "taste" in art. However, the artists like you who achieve true realism in their work rate highest to me. I see men who look like your "Jason in Red" at the fitness center. I see gigantic, over sized muscled men in comic books and sci-fi movies. It's all good. Real has more appeal to me.

Gold Medal
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The body hair is fantastic!
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Very realistic,great work.
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He is a hunk and so real! Wonderful work! Thank you! :)
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HOW do you manage it that the skin looks so damn fucking sexy realistic??? :o awesome render!
Awesome skin.
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Awesome! He looks so real!
Wow! Pinup material!
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Holy moly! How did you do the body hair?
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I think G2M Real Hairy's still doing just fine on G3M.
In this render I barely touched anything except changing diffuse color and hair length.
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Yes for the most part (funnily enough I'm doing a Gianni 7 render at the moment with Real Hairy), though the chest piece doesn't play nicely with G3M as the nipples are in wrong position and has weird bald patches. Though separate hair for that region was a good idea I would have liked to have seen a full coverage option for the whole chest.
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Now that you've mentioned it and I've just seen the flaws on nipples part too lol
Totally missed it.
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;) still your character is gorgeous with or without the hair!
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I added another chest hair and made only the left-right pecs part visible, adjusting and re-rendered.
Hope the patches are now less noticeable xD
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Yep much better :)
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