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Hello there. Sorry for all the trouble I caused you, I finally made an account that I will start all over again.
This account,(Ixwoxo) I won't ever talk about or go too again, I'm not gonna delete my art from it, but I'd like to forget about it.
That doesn't mean I want to forget my friends on here, no. I only kept uploading art here because of all the cool and lovely people/friends I met here.
Please don't ask me why and what happened to me. I'd like to erase everything that happened on here that made me do this in the first place.
I decided to make a new account because all of the comments I got that made me feel special for even a little bit.
I didn't reply to all those comments because I was still dealing with stuff, I apologize from my heart if you felt disappointed, heck I felt disappointed about myself.

Now, I already uploaded a drawing I did yesterday which was, my first ever drawing I did when all that happened, it isn't much just an oc I felt drawing.
I'm not trying to brag or sound ignorant, if some of you felt hatred toward me and don't care about it, I don't blame you.
Finally, here is my new life I assume-- Zayaiie


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