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ULOCT: Kirban - R3 p9/9

The pain choked him.  He kicked his broken leg towards her tail, but it was lodged deep and sharply in his gut.  At first, only this intrusion was bad enough. But then, fire leaked through his gut.  He screamed. He grabbed for the tail, but it would not dislodge from his flesh.  A clammy sweat broke across his brow, and he gagged again on the pain.  Slow down, slow down! he thought as his hands shook and he reached for his shears. His Guild shears, presented as a symbol of his standing in the Guild.  Given to him by Martin when he completed his training. And now abused, sullied, as he held them left-handed and sawed frantically at the mur


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ULOCT: Kirban - R2 p11/20-ish


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RedCrazy's Writing Meme

We must first acknowledge that this is crack.  We must second acknowledge that all these people exist in the same world together.  We must thirdly acknowledge that I feel like hell today.  THAT SAID!! RedCrazy's Writer's Meme Hey guys and welcome to RedCrazy's Writer's Meme – this is mainly for those struggling with writer's block or those who just wish to torture their poor characters... List 10 of your original characters (this can be done with existing fictional characters): 1. Motke Avishai      6. Fairly O'Connor 2. Gyver Sands        7. Martius Adams 3. Sylvaria Faust     8. Oltin Faller 4. Bellamy MacMallon  9. Jason "Puck"


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I. On Saturday, I wanted to kill myself for the first time in nine years. I don't feel that way anymore.  I'm okay again.  Just saying. Some people, they get down there, and it's everything they can do just to get through another day.  Me?  I handle emotional pain way better than I do physical pain, and I imagine death, in addition to being messy as hell, hurts. One of my coworkers offered me chocolate the other week.  It was nine in the morning.  "I don't think I can do chocolate this early," I told him.  It was true. Turns out, neither could he.  He spent the rest of the morning moaning about how much of a stomach ache he had.  "I ate

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