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Society Scheming on a Steel Beam

Edit: !!! This piece took first place over at the Challenge! X3 Thank you to everyone who voted!


This BAMF is for #OC-Challenge's 16th challenge - Famous Works of Art.

Okay, okay, technically, this is photojournalism, but that's art, right?

The piece in question is colloquially known as "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper" (alternately "New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Steel Beam"). I'll level with you: As far as I know, this piece is not found in any art museums, but not because they don't want it. There's just no one who's donated an original print of the thing. The original plates (yes, plates - it was captured in the 1930s) are stored in an underground storage facility in Pennsylvania. I did confirm with the group founder, though, and she agreed that this piece was totally famous enough to be used. :heart:

So, instead of 11 workmen chilling out on the girders of the RCA building in NYC, I have my Society. 8D BECAUSE I HATE MYSELF.

Moving from left to right, we have:

Hiems Gladia and Miriam Violet. In the original, their corresponding figures are lighting a cigarette. What better place for Mim, the resident fire mage, and her girl!BFF to hang out?

Alazne Serkann and Toivo Hughs. 'Lazne is the team's resurrectionist (she's a good-aligned necro) and Toivo's the resident alchemist and construct-deconstructor. She's got a taxidermied opossum as a familiar, he keeps mechanical owls.

Miles Nomiki, Daniel Carter, Malako "Ren" Rennaker talking over some plans. Notice how no one's eating lunch? Miles is the team medic, and Danny and Ren are vampire-hunters in retirement. Ren's got a bum arm, and yes, he airbrushed that mofo himself.

Vivien Barak, Ernestine Rodriguez, and Heng "Henry" Li, joking around, I am sure. Viv's not technically society (satellite squared), but she meshes really well with the whole group, so there's that. Henry and Ernestine are practically!married (lol, do quasi-celestial god-things believe in marriage? idk~)

And last, but not least, Motke Avishai and an empty bottle of hooch.

So, I painted this thing in the most stressed-out week of my life. Lol, I didn't have a life besides painting, because I didn't want to commit to it before I got word back from the group that this exception was grantable. BUT I AM FINISHED NOW! WOO!!

The original photograph copyright is held by Corbis licensing company, and the original photograph may have been taken by any of the three photographers shooting that day, though it is commonly attributed to Charles C. Ebbets (Lewis Hine had nothing to do with this thing). It was used without permission, as I don't aim to make money off this monster, and some massive liberty was taken with the city because I didn't want to kill myself (also I was working from an 8x11 print-out, lol quality fail). You can see the version I printed out for reference here: [link]

The characters pictured are mine except Miriam and Daniel, both of whom belong to ~Quissie who's given me her permission to use them. Honestly, it's not very Society without them. :heart:

The actual painting itself was done on home-stretched Strathmore Watercolor paper and clocks in at ~ 11x13.75". The painting itself was done with Higgens non-waterproof black ink, water, and a filbert and tiny round brush. And a week-long eye-twitch. ~unyko is my Photoshop Hero. :)

:heart: Enjoy! :heart:
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MelianMarionette's avatar
Beautiful details! 
ixris's avatar
Thank you!  It was well-worth the eye-twitch that developed (lol, and still hasn't left!? Oh, man!  It's been -months-!).
MelianMarionette's avatar
Hah hah hah hah!  Well, maybe some rest from art would be a good idea.  LOL 
ixris's avatar

Actually, right now it usually shows up when I'm talking to my mom.  What does THAT say about our relationship, eh?  Lol
MelianMarionette's avatar

Oh family! Gotta love 'em. LOL Especially mothers.  twitch twitch

Yes, I imagine our whole series of recent comment threads will be a psychologists dream! LOL  It has so many angles and layers. Hah hah hah hah!  
ixris's avatar

Yeeaaaah.... sometimes I worry about something like that (lol I worry about most things), but then just go "Meh, but I'm not actually crazy." and go off on my merry way again.  XD;
MelianMarionette's avatar
Crazy people don't know they are crazy.  That is the distinction. :-)  Weird is good.  It means you are an interesting person to know.  
ixris's avatar
LOL or exasperating.  :D
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ShaRuik's avatar
I really like the three guys in the middle... the guy with the owl down to the guy holding the clipboard (?). They look like a vintage cartoon or something, and it adds sooooo much to the feel of the picture! Awesome!
ixris's avatar
Thank you! n__n They really do feel the era, don't they? :D

Also: HI! <3 How you been?
ShaRuik's avatar
Yeah, especially the be-speckled dude with the... pipe? rolled up paper? it's too small to know for sure, and even MORE vague in the original picture, but I kinda like it that way somehow.

Also: Doin' good, though have as yet found no job, which is failsome. Jobs may suck, but it's hard to do things without one. Guess I don't have an excuse for not working on Art/Book, but meh. How 'bout you? How's your epic novel comin'?
ixris's avatar
I took it as a rolled-up paper. :) A lot of the original photo I was like "wtf is THAT supposed to be? ARGH!"

That is failsome. :\ I thought you were on an EMT team? Did that fall through?

My Elephant, which was my Novel Du Jour for the last few years got shelved, but I've got 2 out of 3 drafts finished for my Chasing Sunset (vampire hunters! 8D) story arc finished, and my 3rd one due to start sometime in the next couple months. These ones'll be easiest to polish, imo. The Elephant needs so much revision. *headdesk 4eva*
ShaRuik's avatar
Never did get hired as an EMT, partly because I suck at job hunting. It's not as easy as others seem to see it. I don't know what I'm doing, and none of the advice I've been given holds enough relevance to actually work. Each company has a different system for hiring, even within the healthcare sphere. But I'm ranting.

The Elephant lament is very familiar. I have an Elephant of my own (probably closer to a Hippo or something, as it's only 224 pages long) and it too needs eternal revisions. I keep wanting it proof-read, but keep realizing that I'm not even satisfied with it enough to let anyone read it out of chagrin at how bad it is.
ixris's avatar
Blah, blah, double-blah! D: *HUG* You're still looking, though, right?

LOL a Hippo. X3 I have learned that until you are satisfied with at least the shape of the plot you've made, there's no sense in letting other people read it, as they just immediately lower their opinions of you. I have also learned (and I point this out because it took me so long to learn it) that in order to do proper revisions of your own writing and judge it fairly, you must read it from beginning to end and keep notes.

I would love to talk writing with you sometime, though. You have my e-mail address if you ever want to talk word-thoughts?
ShaRuik's avatar
I don't actually have your e-mail. I never thought to ask, since I figured I could just e-mail Carin, but that would get tedious if we're talking word-thoughts. I'll send you a note with my address, and you can send me an "ohai" or a "poke" or whatever and then I'll know it! =D
ixris's avatar
<3 You've got notes and mails.
MiaLuyando's avatar
Congratulations on 1st Place in the OC-Old Masters Contest!! Well deserved, this is STUNNING!!
ixris's avatar
Thank you! :D
MiaLuyando's avatar
My very great pleasure!!
CapturedJoe's avatar
Congratulations on a well deserved first place for the contest!
Everything in this looks amazing, but I love the looks of the characters most.
ixris's avatar
Thank you! :heart:

The characters were my favorite part. :heart:

And now that this is off my plate, I have time to work on my half of our Hiems/Ernest project. Thanks so much for your patience! :heart: I'll send you a lines update sometime later this week to make sure I got his uniform right. :)
MilkNTomatoes's avatar
This is one amazing piece... I'm especially amazed by all those details on the buildings... ^^
Congratulations on winning the contest!
ixris's avatar
Thank you! :heart:

God, those tiny buildings. x__x I had -such- an eye-twitch by the last day of painting. Easy to see how monks went blind in the middle ages. Lol, but so happy with how they turned out! :D
MilkNTomatoes's avatar
I can only imagine how difficult it must've been... But your hard work really did pay off (It looks so real I'm almost scared to peer down!) : )
And to have done it traditionally... It's really amazing :clap:
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