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Sleeping Beauty 1908

For :iconoc-challenge: #20 - Twisted Fairy Tales ( )

FAIRY TALE: Sleeping Beauty
THE TWIST: VAMPIRES!!!!! And Edwardian Fashion! .... also that's a man.

I was going for a visual storybook, where the whole story tells the tale in parts. Think of a stained glass picture or something. >__>

Some men are gay. Some men are gender-queer demisexuals and their best friends.

In the original Sleeping Beauty, the castle is overgrown by roses in order to preserve the princess until Prince Right comes along to wake her from her slumber.

In my head, where there's roses, there must be Hunters. :heart: And who better to swoon in a budoir but Brandon? :heart: All those perfectly good ovaries, but it's the jerk in high heels that needs to get eaten by vampires. I mean. Fall asleep for a hundred years. Uh. This got awkward really fast. River! WAKE HIME UP! D:!!!!!!


Top Panel: THE CAR!!!, Ren (with his one arm <3 ), Daniel (with his epic limp), and Sabine
Viewer's Left: Ashley - Ashes to ashes, baby.
Bottom Panel: Oil Can Harry and his Derpy Girlfriend Lief & Majid
Viewer's Right: Roxanne - Dust to dust, baby.
Center frame: Brandon :heart: River

Roxie & Daniel are ~Quissie's
Brandon, River, Ashley, Ren, Sabine, Leif, & Majid are mine. :heart:

VAMPIRES ARE WALKING ASH PILES. Wait til dawn... :heart:

This is my first time painting with watercolors. Be gentle, please!
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This is good!  I like the shading on the roses and curtains especially.  The panel on viewers left is lovely.  The top and bottom panels juxtapose nicely with the center.
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:heart:  I'm glad to hear you like it!  It was fun and I learned a lot.  :)  About fashion and about painting with watercolors and that I HATE painting with watercolors.  Lol.  Give me my inks back, someone!  D:

Gah, I am so glad I'm finished, but was SO HEARTBROKEN when I woke up this morning to hear the deadline had been extended ten days at the last possible moment. 

I HATE when they do that! *collapse!*
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Oh watercolors aren't that bad.  Very useful for spreading delicate and beautiful color.  I've never tried ink though so I guess I can't talk :B

What kind of ink do you use?
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It may be that I kind of dislike most colors in the palette I have.  And also that I'm used to either a lot more give to paint or a lot richer color.  And also that I'm used to mixing my own pigments when I need to (pff, I only buy red / red, yellow / yellow, blue / blue, white and black when I buy acrylics.  :) ).

I use Higgins Black India to paint with, though sometimes I dip into the Speedball acrylic inks or the Winsor & Newton inks (though I try to avoid those as they contain shellac and will screw my brushes / pens if I forget to wash them).

I make things like this: which is Higgins Black in wash & then Speedball Superblack for the calligraphy, and all of that covered by acryllics.  And I do things like this: which took about ten days all told, and is only Higgins Black, water, and three paintbrushes.

I like ink because it's easy and hard to correct your mistakes.  But there is a TON of control in where you're putting value.  And if you screw up and catch your mistake early on, it's really easy to fix it.  :)  The watercolors, imo, were rather chalky and unpleasant.  I've used gouache and had no problems with it at all in terms of finish and in terms of sticking to paper (or illustration board, as that's what this is).  Ink just devours anything you spill it on.  :heart:  I love it to pieces, and I don't have to worry about color harmony, lol.
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Geez I wish I could paint like that...

I think the biggest issue with water color is that unless you know how to mix certain colors, the image comes out weird and childish.  I took a class in which we painted a rusted-out old car in the desert, practically using only burnt sepia and ultramarine.  The colors were so rich and earthy I fell truly, deeply, in love.

I use tube pigment instead of cakes because of the specific and vibrant color, always mixing to get rid of the "straight from the tube" color effect.

What I can't stand are the pale cool colors a lot of artists use.  Always a white cottage with cool red roof and a ton of flowers.  We get a lot of these kinds of paintings out here in California.

I've always liked rich, warm colors better.
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Gah, painting those roses was -exactly- that kind of experience.  I went "OH! I GET THIS NOW!!"  But alas, that was the last thing I did in the painting, pretty much.  XD;;;;;;;;;;; Oh well.

The only 'watercolor' in tubes that I could find was gouache, which I already have a set of (and am kind of indifferent towards.  I think I'd rather paint with acrylics, because OMG THE TEXTURE OF THE PAINT FOREVER. @___@ <3 ).  The gouache doesn't have the same chalky feel, though it dries into cakes on the plate if I leave it for an hour or so.  :)  I do love it to pieces.

Lol, yeah, I don't -get- watercolor a lot.  I was painting this going "Unyy~~~~  I think I'm doing this wrong.  D:  There are not enough stupidly white voids in my paintingggggg...."  I don't -like- leaving voids.  It feels -wrong- and it just feels really violent, which is a weird way to explain it, but it's the only word I have for it.  It feels like a social violence, idk.

I am a big fan of black, white, grey, and brown.  <3  Them's my colors, man.  X3
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