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Postman x2

Full front view of my Postman costume from Philcon 2012. :D

Standing next to ~unyko, who is the normal height for a girl. I AM TALL. YES. THANK YOU. XD

Back view of my costume:

This thing is practically quilted together from pieces of stuff, because I'm an idiot and don't know how to sew HIGHLY AMBITIOUS.

Design & work is 100% mine.

Photo by ~Vyntacular
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I constantly forget how tall you are.

Cool costume.
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I am exceedingly tall. XD It blows my family's mind that my little brother is even taller than I am (until I put on heels again :D ).

:heart: Thank you. It was fun to make. X3
Razor13's avatar
Tall family. o.o I think I keep forgetting because the first picture I'd seen of you was your id where you're sitting on the floor.
ixris's avatar
Yeah, both my parents are 6'+. Lol. My sister is the "short one" at 5'9", which I accept as "average" and everyone else tells me is "rather tall". XD Not from where I'm standing!
Razor13's avatar
I'm somewhere in the 5' 8" range which is average here. Growing up I was tall. One of my best friends is like 6' 2". I'm used to tall peoples.
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I'm always pleasantly surprised to meet other tall-ish girls. :D

Though I lol when I site 5'9" as 'average' and everyone looks at me like I'm stupidcrazy. XD
Razor13's avatar
Bah. I'm used to those looks. XD

Still hunting down that tea.
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[link] There's a store locator to the right-hand side, if you're still having trouble. :)
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Hey nice cosplay and you are really cute :3 ...oh tall?, probably your friend is just shorot-ish ^^
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I'm 6'3" in flat shoes. Most men are not that tall. XD;;; My boots in that one have about 2" wedges.

But thank you. n__n :heart:
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OHhh x3...well I'm sure I'm not that tall xD, oh I'm glad you are comfy with boots :3
you are welcome model-ish miss ixris ~
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