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Lost Generation

(better photo uploaded 3/14/11 :) )

My entry for #OC-Challenge #8 - 1920s Fashion. - Omg, it won third place! :dance: :boogie: :w00t!:

C&C totally welcome and encouraged!

My Society is a group of my OCs (and a few unpictured members who belong to friends) who are at least two of the following three items: Sadistic, Genius, High-Society. :D

Left-to-right (like you're reading), we have Ernestine, Henry, Motke, Toivo (and his owl), Ren (and his car), Miles, and Hiems, all of them rockin' parts of the 20s culture. :heart:


Ernestine - Women were granted suffrage in the US in 1920 (19th Ammendment WOO! :dummy: ), prompting celebration by suffragettes in joining the workforce and adopting more masculine clothes into their wardrobe. :) Welcome the trend of 'pants on women' and the freeing of women from traditional roles. Women were now more freely employed in the workforce, and given a more equal role in society (not a /very/ equal role, mind, but a /more/ equal. )

Henry - Henry is Chinese. In 1927, the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) and the Communist Party of China came to a head and began the Chinese Civil War, which lasted until 1950. D: During this time, and following, there was a strong feeling of desinicization, during which intellectuals were considered part of the Four Olds that were to be destroyed. Henry's a bit too bourgeois for anything like ... oh, communism, and so would've split town early into the conflict, before things got too too bad. :) He was going to rock some awesome Chinese-style brocade, but... China was a bit busy to make brocade at that time period, so he's instead rocking the paisley, which has been a pattern since the 1600s (at least), and was introduced to the industrialized world by the Welsh town of Paisley in 1888.

Motke - Rockin' the 3-piece suit and the fedora of upper-middle-class men in the 20s. This is probably the iconic look, thank you very much random mob movies. XD;

Toivo - Again with the 3-piece suit! This time, Toivo rocks the pin-stripes, introduced to fashion back in 1908. Toivo has 6 fingers on his left hand (unilateral polydactylism affecting his left pinky ), and he keeps owls - usually mechanical ones, but in this case he's got a flammulated owl (otus flammeolus), because they're /awesome/.

Ren - Ren rocks the working-class motif, bein' all how's that's his garage they're parked in front of (His given name is Malako, shortens to Mal frequently enough :) ). He's got the flat cap and the leather tie-shoes with a small heel of the time period. And that baby he's sitting on is a 1926 Studebaker Dictator Six. Totally not to scale. XD; Chrome was probably not around in the 20s, but they're gorgeous anyway, and they ought to have been. <3 Ren is my car-love made manifest. <3

Miles - Miles has the early 20s thing goin' on, when the upper-class was still working its way out of the 10s. But he does have the argyle sock thing. :giggle: Argyle was first introduced and popularized back in the 20s, so that's just an excuse for awesomeness. :heart:

Hiems - Featuring the stovepipe silhouette, the pleated skirts, the cloche hat, and the pump high-heels, Hiems has the flapper thing down. This was an easy choice because, as stated with Ernestine, there was an increase in masculinity in female fashion in the 20s, and Hiems already has the 'androgyne' thing down. :D

There was so much visual research done for this project. D: It lasted... the better part of a week, with parts done in bits and pieces. :\


Made with washes of Higgins black and Speedball White acrylic done straight via paintrbuses on Strathmore watercolor paper (self-stretched, hence the weird holes and stuff :\ )

Art, characters (c) *ixris

Rock on, my lovelies. :D
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ladyashmire's avatar
Love it! the 20s is one of my favorite time periods as well. :)
ixris's avatar
Glad to hear it!

The 20s sure was an awesome time period! :)
blablablablubb's avatar
I really like this one. Half of the characters in there look a bit shady but that just makes them more interesting! I think you did very well with the clothes, actually, the only thing I'd have added is one of these long pearl necklaces on Hiems. :D
Best part here for me is definitely the owl, probably because I didn't expect it in the picture! And everybody likes surprise owls, don't they? ;)
ixris's avatar
It's funny you should say about the long pearl necklace on Hiems. When I sketched it out, that was totally part of her design. But I somehow totally forgot by the time I started painting. *facepalm* I remembered later, when I erased the sketchlines and was confused by this mysterious 'u' shape in the middle of her chest, but.... Alas, it was too late. And, unfortunately, you can't even see it in the early WIP stages, because I started recording my progress too late. Ah well. :)

Lol, EVERYONE likes surprise!owls. XD

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. :hug: That means a lot to me. :)
blablablablubb's avatar
You're welcome! :D
It's funny how much a specific piece of jewelry is attributed to a time period! But especially the 20s were pretty distinctive in clothing, hair dressing etc styles!
ixris's avatar
It is strange, isn't it? I guess that's the point of 'iconic' pieces of fashion - big hair and neon in the 80s, bell-bottoms in the 70s, and pearls in the 20s. :giggle:
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Quissie's avatar
So glad you saw this all the way through. It worked out so very fantastically.
Proooud of youuuu X3

*sticks a star sticker on*
PHarold's avatar
I like this piece becausenot only does it look like a 1920's photo, it has the history here as well. My dad was caught up in the Communist War in China which resulted in him and his brother coming here when they were kids.
ixris's avatar
Thank you! :) I'm glad to hear you like it! And also, that's really interesting about your dad and uncle. I'm glad I could make a historical connection with someone. :heart: Thanks so much for the comment!
PHarold's avatar
You are very welcome! You did do a great job.
We went back and saw the house where it happened. That was a very weird feeling seeing all the stuff dad told us growing up.
ixris's avatar
I'll bet that was weird. :\ I imagine a lot had changed for the house since last time your dad was there?
PHarold's avatar
Quite a bit. We had to travel a lot of ground fast. So we couldn't see a lot in the fading light. But at least we got to see it.
Razor13's avatar
So beautiful. I've seen this piece and all the updates and It's come together so amazingly beautiful. With a history lesson to boot! I've never been big on history, but reading what you've got here for it was interesting and didn't bore like most classes which pretty much seem to make it a point to make history boring.
ixris's avatar
I LOVE history. Probably because I had awesome history teachers while I was in high school. :heart: But I'm glad I could give you a little something to take away from this besides just art. X3

I'm so glad to hear you like it. :heart: Thanks for sticking with me through the WIP stages. :highfive:
Razor13's avatar
I'll be sticking around for a long time. :highfive:
ixris's avatar
:hug: X3 Good. I'm glad.
Okamichu's avatar
Wow. :D The details. The details! :D I love all of the little things in this, they really pull together to make it so awesome! Those shadows and free-handed signs in the background are such great atmosphere setters! :D XD Maybe it's just my med-screwed mind, but there's just something so chill about this. XD So laid back.

Love the clothes, the epic background, and those finished details on that car. :D This is definitely one of my favorite pieces from you! :D That research was so worth it! :D Great job! <3 <3

I wish I could give you a longer comment. XD I'm a little speechless. :D Seriously, that thumbnail in my stacks (not snacks, brain D:) made me say "AMG *CLICK*"
ixris's avatar
I'm so glad you think so! :heart: My goal, when I started this thing, was to kind of blow someone away with all the little details. :) So, it sounds like I did a good job! :dummy: And yeah, my Society is REALLY chill, in general. Like, they're who I go to when I want to try out different styles and costuming and what-not. I enjoy them so much. :)

I'm so glad of you saying so! :heart: I felt like the research was something that really paid off. :) And I enjoy stuff like that. XD So it's win-win, I guess. Maybe sometime I'll actually!level-up - I'm trying so hard to keep pushing myself to do new things. I feel like I made a lot of mistakes in doing this, and I'd love to keep painting until I can get the hang of this 'painting' thing enough to not mess up so much. :)

"Speechless" is just fine. :heart: I'm glad you went and left a comment despite your speechlessness. XD Thank you so much! :heart:!
Okamichu's avatar
:D You did a totally great job! XD Yes, they totally seem like they're just willing to have their outfits changed and just take it in stride. XD I can totally see them as though they really did live in the 20s. XD Which is awesome on your part. :D

:heart: :D I wish I had the guts to try new stuff. XD That's the only way to learn. XD X3 I bet the next time you do your painting stuff it'll turn out even better than this time :D (Just like with my little lopsided basket--if I make another one, it'll probably be tighter and not so lopsided...but I love my lopsided basket D: )

:heart: Of course! XD
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