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Kuralldesh of Water

So we had PERFECT lighting for this to be photographed decently and..... the camera dropped deader than it had been. *sigh* Please excuse the horrible flash lighting. :( I had to use a photo I took while my roommate (with better camera sense than I have) was away. *hang head*


My entry for the 9th OC challenge ( #OC-Challenge ) "Shades of Blue". This is my OC Ixris, who is the Kuralldesh (kind of like a god) of water, war, blood, death, cold, and darkness. He is a patron of fishermen, merchants, thieves, poets, and swordsmen in particular, and almost always depicted among those who worship him as a tall, pale man with long black hair and armor.

I keep trying to go for something more epic than last time. :) I really hope I'm succeeding.

This challenge was kind of really hard for me, because I have TERRIBLE color perception, so I usually work in blacks and whites, because it's easier to get a value right when you're not worried about hue. But I had a lot of fun, because I started painting, which I haven't done with acrylics since high school (Oh, 8 years ago at least <3 ).

You can view the WIP of this piece here:

12 x 24" acrylics on canvas

Character, art (c) *ixris :heart:

C&C welcome! :)
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i enjoyed reading your description ^^ i like it when people take the time to explain their ideas behind a narrative piece.

i like the use of symbols of his attributes, but you mentioned some things that are not in the image. for one, since you made a point to mention his height, i would have gone with a long, tall, format to emphasize his hight and physical form. the mental image of a tall blue man, standing on a pile of skulls, with a black shock of water / hair full of fish is quite epic ^^ i think of it as if his worshipers were sculpting an idol.

to speak briefly about value and color - you have rightly put the focal point on his face by making it the lightest thing on the page and framing it with black. the only thing that really competes with it is his armor, which i would tone down a bit so it doesn't. the best way to deal with value along with hue is to see it in terms of pattern. light against dark and vice versa can bring the main shapes out from the background. another way is with temperature. warm blues and cool blues to distinguish areas from each other. cools will generally drop back and warms will come forward, but this also depends on how dark or saturated that color is.

good work, and kudos for working in real media ^^
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Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to critique my piece! :heart:

There were a lot of factors involved in choosing the canvas I did (primarily, I wanted to be able to cram details into it but also make it a workable size and not worry about oh, 85% of the armor design...), which led me to choose a horizontal layout. I agree, a vertical orientation would have benefited, too, but I'm glad I chose the horizontal, because now it's a bit easier to uniformly triptych if I choose to do the other two Kuralldesh in paintings. :heart:

As for color - One day I'll learn exactly what 'saturation' means so I can apply it more readily. XD; Thanks very much for your explanation, though it was pretty much what I've been told about color theory before. It's not that I choose not to learn, it's just that it's really hard to apply it. ^^; Thanks again for the explanation. :heart:

Taking the time to offer a critique really means a lot to me. Thank you very, very much! :heart:
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you're welcome!

heh i think designing fish god armor would be fun XD gods can wear anything!

saturation is the intensity of the color, how close it is to pure hue. if it helps, when i couldn't remember what the terms meant i'd just go into photoshop and find them there - i also could see what they did! ^^

yeah i just started with color as well, and there's so much to learn. hearing the professor say it is one thing and then actually putting it into practice is another! good luck and keep it up! ^^
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Yeeeaaah, if I had any head for fashion design at all, it would be totally epic. :) As it is, I recognize that as one of my failings. ^^;

That actually clears it up a lot, thanks. :heart: Being that I'm primarily a traditional artist, I don't have a lot of familiarity with photoshop. ^^ But I'll keep that in mind if I get confused again. :heart:

I haven't habitually colored anything before this year. o_o; And I haven't had an art class since like... eight years ago. ._.; I feel old. I'm kind of really fumbling around trying to make things go on my own. I'll catch up to you school-goers eventually! XD;

Thanks again! :heart:
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Must say I love his hair/wave and all that it encompasses. <3
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Thank you! :heart:!
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Double thank you! xD' (You sent it twice on accident or...On purpose? :O )

...I'm slightly hyper...So...:glomp:!
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Oh, I'm sorry. :) It does that sometimes. :heart: XD
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No worries. It amused me more than anything else. xD
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Thank you! :heart:!
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Very well done :)
I really like how you did the wave with all the details
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Thank you! The wave was seriously a lot of fun. I got a lot of inspiration from studying the curves and crests from still photos of some gnarly surf. :)

:heart: Thanks for taking the time to comment!
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This is epic. I just........I dunno.
Am having some kind of art-gasm over it. It's the color, I think. I LOVELOVELOVE blue. And you did a really awesome job with everything (that I can see).
I really do like it.

Get a better picture...XD It still looks great, though.
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LOL :hug: Thank you :)

"Get a better picture" XD :lmao: As soon as we get a new camera, I can start making more paintings and spamming people with them. XD;;;; Until then... Well, it is what it is. (Ix broke the camera! D:!! )
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Which reminds me I'm gonna feature you!
Because you're awesome like that and I *LOVE* my kiriban prize.
It's my desktop. :heart: It's truly awesome!
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That would be AWESOME. :heart:!

X3 I'm so glad you still like it. :heart: I'm actually inordinately fond of your prize, too. :) Had an awful lot of fun with it. ^^ :heart: And now know every word of that song, too. XD;;;;
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8D Wow! I am absolutely loving this final product! The thumbnail looked great, but looking into all these details, that made it even better!

Looking at those cheek bones, they totally look fantastic! He looks so manly and beastly in this picture, totally epic. XD Love him from your NaNo (speaking of, never got back to you on that. >.<) and you do him justice when you draw him! ._. I only wish I could draw half the characters I write.

I really am digging those chainlinks in your mail there, and the shading is really lovely on it all! His armor looks just a tad bit uncomfortable and blocky to me, but maybe that's just cause I'm in an off mood today. Armor is really, really hard to draw though, but it seems like it might could do with some rounding of the edges, especially near his arms (that way he'd have room to move, right? o.o maybe I should shut up...)

Those soldiers in the water, the skulls, the boat, the fish, all of those tiny details really add to the piece without distracting from Ixris at all. It's very harmonic and your monochromatic color scheme totally pulled it all together. Love the vibe and calmness I get from it, reminds me of Thanatopsis (which makes me so calm when I read it) and Alexi Murdoch's music.

Totally dig it, though, totally worth the favourite and I'd like to favourite it ten more times!
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YAYLONGCOMMENT! :icondragonglomp:

Lol, I'm so glad the cheekbones finally worked the hell out. Omg. x_x From all those times trying to get them right through the WIPs (not to mention the times I saw that it was screwed up and didn't even bother to photograph them...), I ought to have gotten them at least a little bit right! <3! Ixris is easily one of my favorite little monsters in that story (Hiems, Henry, and Ernestine being all the rest of my favorites *innocent whistle*), and I've been /trying/ to draw him for years, so I'm glad I finally got something that looks somewhat like him on the page, as it were. :)

The chainlinks were some serious fun. I agree about your critique on the armor, now that I'm looking at it with some distance. Armor always pisses me off because I think it looks just ridiculous, but it is the character design. *sigh* I'll learn. Practice practice practice, right? :heart:

I had so much fun on the tiny details (I think I'm finally learning the skill 'make tiny details'! :dummy:! ) in this. :D I'm glad I finished when I did, though, or like literally EVERYTHING would have some highlight shine to it... :paranoid:

Totally glad there's kind of a calm vibe to it. He's really just a chill kinda guy (despite appearances that he may be tempted to take your head off ... :D ), so the chill of it kind of makes me really happy. :heart: I don't know Alexi Murdoch. I think I may have to look into him... <3

Glad you dig it! :hug: Get back to me on the nano, though, yeah? *nudge* How far into reading it did you get, anyway? :heart:
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X3 :iconsuperheroglompplz:

XD They totally worked out, I have to agree. You worked hard fo' sho, and it totally paid off!X3 Heehee, that's totally rad! I understand that trying to draw characters. ._. Makes you rage when they don't look perfect to you, amirite?

XD Armor? Ridiculous? Psshhhh/sarcasm. XD Yeah, it's awfully annoying. The shape of it and getting everything to hook together correctly and making it look reasonably realistic, it's all very painful. XD I have a few fantasy books I keep just to figure out how to draw armor, and I still can't do it right~! I can't even draw chain mail. ._. So jealous of those links. XD (my chain mail = drawing a grid)

XD :iconbummiesplz: DETAILS WHEEEEEEE. XD Sometimes I get a little over-detailed when I'm doing work from IRL and then sometimes I just say "FUCK YOU ART" and be a little brat and not do any detail and only spatter shadows and things on there. XD I like all these highlights, though~ :3

XD Chill people are awesome, and it's super great when you can transfer that vibe over into a piece of art portraying them! XD Alexi Murdoch is pretty cool, very chill and kinda improvesque. He's hard to describe. XD

I will totally get back to you on the NaNo! I was at the very, very end when my computer crashed epically one day and removed the file from my dashboard, where I had it pulled up forever to read. XD I was really, really enjoying it, too! Your writing style is insanely fun to read.
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Omg yes. Not being able to draw the people who live in your head is flipping annoying. ~___~ It's worse with my older chars, because I couldn't draw when I started writing (*COUGH*ixris*COUGH*), so they don't turn out all the way right all the time. >_>;; Nowadays, I kind of have an idea of how they look, then draw them a few times to iron it all out, then start writing. Works better for the translation imo. >_>;

Lol, I need books like that. I have reference books on like... omgeverything except clothing and armor. XD;;;;;; Sigh.

LOL ILU. XD; *fluff your hair* XD;

Mmmmm, I'll totally have to look him up. :D

DO! Do get back to me. :heart: I look forward to hearing about your harrowing adventures in more detail! :D

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XD It's totally annoying. I've been writing for several years more than I've been drawing, but I've made some improvements with the character designs now that I don't totally just suck majorly at this art stuff (I'm not good but I don't suck. XDDDDDDD)

XD I need references for poses, but otherwise I'm pretty covered. ._.

X3 I'll be getting back to you as soon as I can!
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Yeah, for me it's a lot of "HAND! DO WHAT I MEAN!" even as it refuses to. :) Every time I have a conflict like that, though, I feel much more empowered, because I can feel the level-up slowly grinding into place. We'll improve out of the 'don't suck' into the 'good' soon enough! :heart:

I need to stop doing passive poses and work on my actives. I LOVE foreshortening, but I don't love flaily action poses. e_e; I don't know. :shrug: I've been making tiny tiny thumbnail-sized wireframe people since I was in middle school, and I feel like that's really helped me understand points of articulation better than anything else, too. :)

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XD Oh, man, can I relate. XD Your hand cramping consciously because it wants you to suffer. XD But if you do beat your hand, it is a great feeling of accomplishment. :3

XD 'Chu needs to start doing legitimate poses and stop being a little lazy child. XD That's really cool. ._. Wireframe creations look legitimately difficult. I wrote all during middle school, no drawing for meeeeeee. XD
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