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BW Buttons - 1

Some of the buttons I doodled up for fun. :heart:

The bottom two are mine and ~unyko's personae hugging the things we nurture most in the house - mine's one of my plants, hers is a tiny!aquarium. XD;;;

For fun. :heart:

Uny thinks we should make prints and sell some, so I have a reason to use the buttonpress. Besides just making buttons. Thoughts?

(yes all my letters are all over the place. I DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' GUIDELINES!)

Feedback me?

Art/humor is all mine. :) Used the .8 Prismacolor liner I had lying around to do them all. :heart:
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These are so epic cute!
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Thank you! :D I have quite a few more, but only six fit on the scanner bed at a time. They're big. D:
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They're awesomes.
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Now if only I could get the press to cooperate MORE than 20% of the time. *sigh*
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*talks with the press* Now look here! She works hard at what she does and it is wonderful is SOMETHING cooperates once in a while. So could you please be a NICE and COOPERATIVE press? *hugs it*
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:giggle: I'm going to tell it you said all that next time I use it. XD *SO NOT KIDDING*
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Good! I want to know the response. And if it bites you I'm going to feel so bad and guilty!
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So, I started in on some research into the matter - according to the OFFICIAL Badge-a-Minit website, this problem is caused by application of uneven pressure during part of the process. I'm sorry, company. I'm a human being. XD; Why you making my life hard by suggesting that I be perfect all the time?

Will be attempting different techniques later, I think, to learn how to fix the problem. *nodnodnod*
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*disembodied boom voice*
If you sell them, they will buy...
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:ohnoes:! My buttons have brought in that Field-of-Dreams guy! :fear:

(:giggle: :heart: :hug:!)

No seriously, I'd buy one if I ever used buttons.
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D'aww. :heart: Buttons are funny things - some people love them, some people don't really care either way. When I was growing up, I had a jeans jacket that was COMPLETELY COVERED down the one side in pin-back badges and tack pins. I loved them. :D

Now.... I like smaller ones (1" ones are best) that I can cycle on the lapel of my peacoat in the fall. Sadly, our press is a 2.25" press, so they're BIG buttons. :giggle: More room for art! :D
Sounds cute. I mean I've seen a lot of buttons I'd love to wear, but I just don't have the money to spare on things not really necessary to my wardrobe.

For some reason, I now wanna see a buttonZILLA.
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I hear you about unnecessary accessories. I have a little bowl filled with different buttons - some from NaNoWriMo, some from TWEWY ( [link] :heart: ), and several as quotes from my favorite people (The two that get worn to work most frequently are a Rolling Stones lyric ["You Can't Always Get What You Want."] and a Lennon lyric ["You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."]). A few other tiny pinbacks have evolved into D&D play pieces on accident (my crazy barber!barbarian is represented by a neon pink pin that says "MORE COWBELL!" :giggle: and if we can't find that one, a pink pin that's full of "$@%*(&%@!!" XD).

Which makes it sound like I have a ton. But I don't. Really. :heart:

Pin-zilla is the result of too many pinbacks being discarded into the rivers of Ohio. D:
Ummm...was the link to the TWEWY wiki supposed to take me to a picture of pins or something...cause it didn't.
XD More cowbell.

*completely believes her*
So it's YOUR fault! DX
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Nah, just wtf TWEWY is, in case you didn't know. :D

But... but... But Raja, I don't LIVE IN OHIO! D:!!!!!
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