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Asexy 1

First in a set of strips to describe the dating habits of aromantic, repulsed, asexuals. :heart: Because, dammit, no one gets this stuff unless you shove it down their throats.

AVEN - Asexual Visibility and Education Network

For convenience (and because it's part of the #MFCG contest thing), I'm using my very own, very prominent Ace, Motke Avishai. :heart:

Motke & assorted characters are mine. Situations are ... universal. :heart:

My comic anatomy sucks hardcore. XD;

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F*** anatomy - its all about the nuances - and it took me a wee while but I see the input.

I agree with you - not everyone is "at it" nor is everyone obsessed at being "at it".

Glad to hear the voice of difference!
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:heart:! Thanks so much for your support in these - I loved your comments so much I had to keep them around for a couple days. ^^
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Well its a pleasure. Its also important for society and people to realise there are people who are NOT obbsessed with sex. There is a time and place - not at beck and call.

Thanks for showing your work :)
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I love these two comics.
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:heart: Thank you~! There'll be four by the end of it, but these two are the funniest. :)
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Can't wait to see the others!
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i didn't know it was possible for me to love motke more..............................
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