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Eve the Sword Maiden

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Name: "Eve", "Maiden", "Doll"

Age: ????

Gender: Female

Height 5' 10"

The man she's fallen in love with, Life, Flowers, Peaceful tranquility, Being seen as a living being, Being read to, Being with the man she has fallen in love with

Being treated as an object, Seen as not being alive, Being called "It/Thing", Bandits, people who try to stealing, threatening, seducing, lying to of from the man she loves (in short she won't let any bad things happen to this guy), Having her loved one taken away.

Inhuman Speed and Strength, Dexterous, Skilled with her Nodachi "Metharme", Limbs can pop on and off, feels no pain, can feel and understand emotions, does no require sleep or food, does not breath, the plastic/silicone is self healing and will recover cuts in time.

Light Weight, Fragile, Limbs cannot on their own if unattached, upper torso is main source of allowing movement to limbs, Limbs can pop on and off, cannot read or write, still affected by stunning effects i.e Blinding from a flash bang, can be knocked out from hits to the head, easily angered if the right subject is mentioned feels no pain, cannot express emotions.

Personality: quiet, she will mostly keep to herself, but at the same time will try to befriend strangers. She will try to avoid conflict the best she can. She will almost always attempt to incapacitate and never kill, but she is quick to temper, easy to lose control while angered.

The way she carries her weapon in Combat is resting the blade on her shoulder or held backwards with the blade pointing up behind her. She has trouble finding a comfortable way to carry the sword when not in combat, and she takes the utmost care for the blade cleaning it and sharpening it in her free time.

A store owner buys a mannequin, placing her on display to welcome people in. There she stands, watching the television in her field of view that the store owner watched, behind him mounted on the wall, a Nodachi blade sits. The store's location became a war zone, and soon was abandoned along with the now destroyed city and has become an empty wasteland. There still standing in her display case, she waits watching, over and over the video that the shop owner left on leaving in a hurry for his safety. By the time the electricity was cut off she has well memorised the entire video.

Years pass, as looters, bandits come and raid the store for any supplies they could find, knocking the display case over, frozen and powerless to stop them, she watched them destroy everything, the shop now in ruins. The mounted blade was left untouched as looters would stare and jeer at how impossible it was to wield the weapon, how inefficient it would be in combat. The mannequin, now lying on the floor, and from then on she continues to lay there.

More years pass, as dust and grime cover the recesses and gaps on the top of her body, when a man comes into the shop seeking shelter. He collapses in front of her and passes out, he was carrying various assortment of ancient weapons ranging from different cultures and different eras, from Longswords to Claymores, he carried with him scrolls and old books as well. He wakes up the next day in fright seeing the mannequin, after gaining back his composure and he decides to re-assemble her making her stand once again.

Week after week the man would leave and return, using the same store as a safe house, he cleans her up, and gets her clothes and makes the store more cozy. To pass the time he paints on eyes for her, and finds a wig and sews it on for her every night that he stayed at there, he would read to her any story that he found. A year passes, the man leaves, placing the Nodachi blade mounted on the wall, into her hands, the blade's scabbard pointed towards the floor, the weapon leaning on her shoulder, as she cradles it. He places his hand on her shoulder, smiling, as he leaves the store.

There she stood where she once did before, displayed once again, however this time, she had a different purpose, she was no longer displayed to welcome people in, she was now there displayed as a warning, as a weapon, as a defender of the man and her home, and there she will continue to stand, there she will continue to stop anyone who tries to steal and destroy this place again, waiting for the day that the man would return, for she was no longer frozen powerless to defend her home anymore. For her love for him and his kindness, has brought her to life.
Fun Tid Bits With Razor

The name chosen for her, "Eve", is short for her real name Ivory.
And now fun times with Razor

Can you answer this question
Why do you think I chose the name "Ivory"?

Here's a clue
Her Sword will give you the answer

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SpiderInksStudent Digital Artist
The backstory and design for Eve is something else, I absolutely adore her. I hope she finds her love and that it is requited. Also love the style you used!
Side question: Does she always wear the virgin killer sweater?
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IxRaZoRxIHobbyist Filmographer
well she can change, but it was the outfit that she was wearing at the time and with what her being a mannequin, she didn't really have a choice when she became sentient, plus it was the outfit that her love gave her so... i'd like to think she'd want to keep the outfit for now so when she becomes human, her love would recognise her, so yes?
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That backstory is something else! Very interesting!
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IxRaZoRxIHobbyist Filmographer
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GrimReaper912Student Writer
Best character 10/10 just the design itself is amazing
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IxRaZoRxIHobbyist Filmographer
Thanks OvO
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