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Steampunk Spirit

By ixis
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Anywhere there's dirigibles, jaunty facial hair and brass goggles to be found, you can be sure the Steampunk Spirit will be close at hand. (I can slowly feel myself becoming less and less funny... Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.)

Some of you may know I make games...

This is from a game I'm possibly not doing that's not called Haasten because that's vaporware and I'm totally not still working on it in!

If you reached this page because I put a bunch of sexual, anime and manga keywords into the keyword field, then no I'm not sorry, but I am slightly amused.
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>_< That's strange...but cute.
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Something about this one really stands out to me and I like it. I think it's his eye being a second cog. He could distract you with it while his mouth cog sneaks up from behind and rapes you, lol! I like some of these dude. I thought you were dead. But then I can't really talk I haven't really uploaded anything in a while too, lol! Soon though, still working out my webcomic idea, lol!