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Shannon Falls, South Dakota

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Two screens from my upcoming game (yes, I'm still working on it.)

This scene is one of my favorites. Ryan is thinking back about the times he spent with Shana when they were living in Beverly Falls (an Indian reservation in South Dakota based on Pine Ridge.)

It's an important night for Ryan. He's meeting Shana at J.J.Dawgs where he's going to ask Shana to marry him (this whole scene is him thinking about the past with the engagement ring in his hand.) Claude and Nobu however... Have some distressing news for Ryan.

And then his night gets worse... Much worse...

I did a lot of research on Indian reservations (in fact, I've been doing a lot of research for this game, which is weird since most of it takes place in an alternate dimension.) However, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun and interesting sometimes.

The living conditions on some reservations is saddening, which is why I'm happy that my tribe isn't forced to live on one (we frikken' pwn the crap outta Martha's Vineyard.) However, in Haasten, Shana and Ryan are a part of my tribe (Aquinnah) simply cause I'm more familiar with them.
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Looking good. I am liking the background on the second screen there. The windows are really cool. ;)
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Thanks! ^_^ (Even though I kinda stole the scene from FFVII...)
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OH, I didn't realize. o.o; I haven't played that game.
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Aww, lucky you :(