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February 24, 2012
Indigo Plateau by ~iX3TV has the classic pixel feel; wonderful lighting, dithering and depth all with 4 colours.
Featured by Lyricanna
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Indigo Plateau

A commission by *pooketz for his new group :iconpoke-pixel:

He basically gave me free reign to do what I want outside of making the trainer the same size as my Green pixel art.
Doing this piece resurrected huge waves of nostalgia for me,
even if I did feel like throwing my monitor outside at times.
4 colors used, original Game Boy fat palette

It's Red and Pikachu sitting on a cliff overlooking Kanto.
He's pointing towards Indigo Plateau (Elite Four).

I made this image really personal for me, as Pokemon Blue will remain one of my favorite games ever.
It holds so many fonds memories; events in game, playing and trading with my friends irl,
and the whole poke craze that hit the US when i was so young.

EDIT: Thanks for the DD! Thank you ^Lyricanna for the feature!

Pokemon copyright Nintendo and Game Freak
Art copyright me
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dafanfan's avatar
I like that it looks like a game boy.
LexisSketches's avatar
This is amazing :O
iX3TV's avatar
thank you! glad you think so
KemonoApocalypse's avatar
How is this a thing..

God I need to learn to pixel.
CysteineOmni's avatar
Woah, it makes me cry T.T
iX3TV's avatar
haha, glad it... moves you so
lovelylynne's avatar
I officially want to marry your art..T-T
iX3TV's avatar
haha, haven't gotten that sort of compliment before, thank you!
lovelylynne's avatar
Youre very welcome. heh, I find your art to be very inspiring and unique.
iX3TV's avatar
haha you're so sweet, thank you again
iX3TV's avatar
Pikanyaa-san's avatar
It's pretty incredible what you accomplished with only 4 colors...
iX3TV's avatar
thank you man, glad you think so
KaizokuShojo's avatar
Extremely amazing! Blue is one of my absolute favourite games of all time, too. :]
iX3TV's avatar
awww yeah! thank you
baranot3nshi's avatar
this is seriously awesome *A*
iX3TV's avatar
Nesuku's avatar
iX3TV's avatar
natsumoka's avatar
This is really good. If Pokemon had cutscenes, I imagine it'd be something like this.
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