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It's been a little painful pulling myself from the land of the zombies, but I'm here.  If anyone out there cares at all I've been doing some work so some new work is about to posted and I plan on cleaning up now because I really like my new pieces are far better then what I've done in the past.  Anyhoo ... I may disappear again once the semester starts but until then I'll be around.

Peace and chicken people
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so my computer was down for a while, i have been taking pictures and painting and once I get my new computer (yeah!) figured out as far as getting my software downloaded and whatnot i'll be posting again soon.  thanks to anyone that is paying attention to me.
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so i finally got off my lazy ass and submitted my most recent stuff.  The series with the faces I worked on for a little while. and the pictures of the cat are actually not that new but i never got around to posting them.  i am currently working on a self portrait of sorts and once it's done i'll post that too.  I have a lot of ideas but i'm having a hard time getting them out. so be patient with me.  i'm just trying to do my best and not rush things.
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WEll i know that i haven't been on here in a while.  I've been so busy with my life outside the internet that this page sort of took a back seat.  Anyway, I have been working and I do plan to put some stuff up once I get the camera back from my father. so keep a look out.

boy i don't do this often enough.  as you may have noticed i went to the beach for a couple days.  got a nice looking burn. go me!  anyway, i have been a little lazy about photographing my latest works so i promise to do so it the next week or so.   please comment on the three i posted from the beach if you wish too.   thank all!

much love!
I haven't posted a journal in a while.  Thought I would say hi to everyone.  Give ya a hey how's it going?  I'm scraped out a bunch of my stuff today.  I felt like my gallery was getting a bit of control.  So I moved some of my less successful pieces into scraps.  I'll never throw anything away but I continue to improve in my drawing and painting efforts and the older stuff starts to look, well like it should I suppose, not quite as good.  Anyway, I have been painting and drawing ALOT lately and I'm slowly working into the page.  So keep an eye out for the new stuff as it trickles in.  That's all for now

Peace and Chicken Grease Ya'll!
I just submitted a bunch of new pictures, well old pictures, i found this disk and it had every photo i had taken with my Fuji before it got stolen.  I miss that camera and looking at these reminds me why, the quality is sooo much better than my recent efforts with my father's camera.  I love him because i have held this cmaera hostage for weeks and he hasn't said a word about it, but this camera is nothing compared to my old one.  for the first time in a long time, i am very sad
Wow, I'm on a roll right now aren't I, I'm not sure where all the creative energy to coming from. I'm taking pictures all the time right now, and i'm working on a bunch of different painting and drawing and projects, i'm going to run with it while I can because i don't know how long this can last
I'm posting a bunch of photo's again, please comment
For anyone paying attention I have started posting some my drawing and such.  My camera was stolen so I have to use my dad's camera and card is giving me a hard time now, so I don't think I'll be able to post for a little while, but I got up what i could.  Thanks for watching your support is always appreciated
I posted some scraps, they aren't the best quality as far as lighting and umm focus goes in some because i took them in the bathroom but they are there until I am able to post the rest of my work
I don't know that it counts as a journal entry.   Right now I just up what was already uploaded onto my computer.  I will be putting more of my drawings up once I get my camera back, sometime this week.  So it's not all photography.  I actually draw more than I take pictures.   Ok I guess that's it for now