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The Apple can’t run very far from the tree....

“So you’re saying that I have two choices?”  Sadly as it turned out for the now rather plump human thief Lila the ancient naga Kween who she had woken up had apparently been telling her the truth when their situations were reversed.  The six armed, blue skinned bitch had a near bottomless stomach and despite Lila’s best efforts to stuff her into a state of helplessness (or better yet pure and simple morbidity) she had only (like the thief who had accidentally awkwened her) grown a more corpulent without suffering any true adverse affects.  

This was the reason why it was now Lila who was “standing” there spread eagle attached to a wooden board by magical restrains which held her arms and legs still.  This particular situation and the helpless it brought with it would have been bad enough under normal circumstances, however unbelievable as it might sound her current condition managed to make things worse, Lila’s belly was not supported in any way and so she was left with it pulling her forward causing her arms and legs to brush against their restraints in a way that was sure to cause some serious chaffing before too long.  

Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you looked at things) Lila might not live long enough to experience the long term inconvenience her confinement was causing her.  For her part, Kween was casually coiled up, resting her big belly full of dark elf, honey, and countless other delicacies upon her multitude of coils.  

Two of her hands were rubbing said belly, while another pair styled her hair, and of the final set her right hand was playfully stroking her chin (giving her the appearance of being deep in thought) while the left maliciously poked Lila’s swollen stomach.  

“Yep two choices.  I do believe that you’ve got a certain fire in you, and that could be quite useful to me, though of course it could also be quite dangerous.  So as I said, two choices: you can either become a priestess of mine, or you can be buried here once I’m done making sure you’ll never be a threat to me.”  For a thief like Lila any choice between certain death and something that at the very least qualified as uncertain death was not a hard one to make.  

However, that said it didn’t mean she was about to give into the naga’s demands right off the bat.  After all, anyone but a fool realized when their business companion didn’t even try to haggle that they could squeeze them for more, and Kween was clearly no fool.  Not to mention Lila had already been squeezed by the naga once, it was not an experience she had any desire to repeat.  

“So what exactly would being your priestess consist of?”  Kween rose up slightly, her body shifting back and forth, and moving a touch to Lila was well.  

“Oh this and that.  You’ll need to sing my praises and take part in certain rituals.  Of course given my current rather diminished place in the world I’m also going to need your help to return to my rightful position as ruler as all I survey.  To do that I’ll need to get one of my hands upon certain magical artifacts that I used to use to increase my already considerable powers.”  The hand on Lila’s belly moved upward and seized her throat rather firmly.  

“But then the fact that you managed to get in here and awaken me must mean that you’re quite proficient at such things already so I doubt you’ll have too much trouble adapting.”  Lila tried to look something between indignant and politely attentive, it was not an easy combination of expressions to work her face into.  

“Well yes, but you know I typically do stuff like that looking the way I did when I walked in here.  I don’t think I’ll have much luck cartwheeling past deadly traps with all this flab weighing me down.  So if I agree to help you, would you make me thin again?”  The naga broke into uproarious laughing slapping various parts of her body (causing them to jiggle to various different degrees) for quite a while before finally responding.  

“What an absurd question, does it make any sense for a goddess of hunger to have a thin priestess?”  Lila’s mind raced with the quickness of a rabbit that was being pursued by an extremely fleet footed wolf.  

“Well of course it does!  That way the priestess would obviously be, well you know, hungry...”  She followed this hopefully convincing argument with a very wide smile that couldn’t possibly have been any more forced.  Kween at once shook her head and slapped her tail on the ground a few times clicking her tongue in time with her tails strikes.  

“No, no, no.  I admire your initiative but let me rephrase the question more accurately, does it make any sense for a goddess of hunger and feasting to have a thin priestess?”  Knowing that the game was up Lila’s blushed and shook her head.  

“Umm... now that you put it like that.... no.”  The index fingers of three different hands buried themselves in Lila’s sagging gut.  

“Exactly.  Don’t worry you’ll get use to it soon enough, besides it makes you look dignified.”  If Lila’s hands hadn’t been chained down to the table she would have used them to point towards her puffy cheeks.  

“It makes me look like a chipmunk.”  It did not do much for her mood that at this point her mind suddenly decided to remind her that as best she could remember, snakes loved to eat chipmunks.  

“Well then, you and I have different opinions.  Don’t worry as I return to my place as rightful ruler I’ll make sure to bring in a great abundance of foodstuffs to the people of my domain so that one and all may show their love of me by feasting to their heart’s contest.”  After speaking those words a smile so sweet you could have made candy out of it came to Kween’s face.  

“Of course they also won’t have a choice in the matter.”  Lila paused for a moment, and had to admit her own current figure probably wouldn’t bother her quite as much if she never had to see another properly thin woman ever again.  

“If you say so, but how exactly do you plan to find items that you haven’t laid eyes on since you were cooped up down here?  They could be anywhere!”  The naga leaned in close, her nose and middle pressing into the respective parts of Lila’s anatomy.  

“Those are concerns that you’ll only have to worry about if you agree to be my priestess.  So do you?”  Lila once again studied her non-existent options and the fact that her limbs had started seriously complaining about their restraints a full five minutes ago.  She hung her head and sighed deeply, which gave her a great view of how sighing made her stomach look even larger than it already was.  

“Fine I agree, now will you let me out of this thing?”  Kween lazily waved a hand and the wooden board and restraints brought into being by her binding spell vanished, dropping Lila firmly on the ground, though luckily her backside which took the brunt of the landing had acquired some extra padding rather recently thanks to Kween’s more than generous (or in point of fact ironically not generous at all depending on how you defined the words) meals.  

“Now, to become an official priestess of mine you need to take apart in an ancient magical ritual.  Repeat after me...  Ahem, I state your name...”  Lila let loose with her best approximation of the naga’s own throat clearing cough as she stood back up.  

“I state your name.”  For a body that looked so pleasantly padded Kween could move with abrupt quickness when she wanted to, such as sending her tail to lashing into Lila’s stomach with enough force to knock the thief to her knees.  

“Very funny.  Now get it right or else I may just feed and eat you anyway.  I state your name...”  Lila  nodded weakly from her position laying down on her hands and knees.  

“I Lila the thief...”  Kween’s look of dissatisfaction was promptly replaced with her the expression she was most accustomed to displaying, the smug smile of one who is getting their way.  

“Do solemnly swear allegiance, fealty, and loyalty to Kween of Hunger.”  From her position on the floor Lila had an excellent view of the blue belly which currently bore that strange mystic tattoo of Kween’s which only showed itself when its owner was doing magic.  

“Do solemnly swear allegiance, fealty, and loyalty to Kween of Hunger.”  Nodding in satisfaction the naga “bent down” as best one can describe a being who has no legs doing such a thing and helped Lila to her feet.  

“Good, now to finish the ritual you may punch me once in the stomach as hard as you want.”  Lila didn’t particularly see the significance of that part of the ritual, but all the same she wasn’t about to throw away a chance to inflict some consequence free bodily harm upon the being who was probably going to be bossing her around for the rest of her life.  

Thus it came as quite a surprise when she told her right hand to punch Kween, and yet it her first decided to burry itself in her own paunch laden middle sending Lila back to the floor for the third time in less than five minutes.  Kween’s tail tapped a merrily little melody on the stone floor as she waited for her priestess to recover, uninterested in offering even one her six hands to help her this time.

“Actually that’s the part of the ritual where you find out what happens to people who try to break their oath.  It’s one of the little magical add ons to the ritual that might have taken me forever to get just right, but were still time well spent.  Not to mention the ritual only works if the person speaks the words of their own free will undiluted by outside coercion.”  Lila climbed back to her feet and began to take a few steps away from Kween rubbing her sore belly in the process.  

“Funny, the entire 'you’ll kill me if I don’t swear' part seemed to be rather coercive to me.”  The naga crossed all of her arms, thirty fingers going up and down, tapping themselves in irritation.  

“Once again let me explain a bit more precisely, no outside coercion meaning they can’t be in physical pain, no mind altering drugs and no other magical spells subverting their will.  Besides, I wasn’t so much threatening you as informing you of the consequences of your actions.  After all isn’t imparting revelations and knowledge upon their worshipers part of any goddess’ job description?”  Lila reluctantly conceded the point since she knew it was either that or a fourth trip to the floor.  

“Fair enough, okay so now that I am your priestess how are we suppose to find stuff that’s been missing since you were buried in here?  It could be freaking anywhere, it could have been put on some ship and sunk and be at the bottom of seas or oceans!  Or it could have been something that someone else decided to take with them and it’s buried in some other nearly impenetrable tomb assuming it hasn’t been looted and is now being either bought or sold in some town or village!  Unless we’re going to look under every single rock we come across and in the pockets of every single person we meet we’ll never find the stuff, not in a million years.”  Kween shook her head, the smile on her face (unlike the rest of her body) never quivering for an instant.  

“Then we would just search for them for two million years.  But as things stand that will hardly be necessary, since these are no petty trinkets that we will be seeking out.  They are ancient mystical artifacts, and I can sense their presence just by bearing near them.  Besides, their very power will make them all but impossible to hide, wherever they are, whoever has them, they in turn will make use of them, trust me.  The ones who bound and sent me to sleep might have considered themselves above such things as omnipotence and immortality, but I somehow doubt their descendants are.”  Lila wasn’t about to earn Kween’s wrath by arguing this point either, especially when in her opinion the naga was one hundred percent completely correct, and she had other more pressing matters to worry about.  

“So um, as you priestess do I get any fancy robes to wear?”  Given the way she flinched one would guess that had Kween possessed legs, and had she been using them to propel her body forward at the time she was asked this question she in turn would have stumbled.  

“Do you really want them?”  Lila looked down at her outfit which would probably seriously start to fall apart after another two or so meals.  

“Not really, but I do want to get some clothing that fits me if that isn’t too much to ask.”  Kween looked like she might seriously deny this particular request, but then finally some small twinge of pity within her massive blue body won out.

“All right if you must.  I suppose whatever settlement we get our new outfit from should also be able to provide us with information about any of my artifacts which might be nearby .”  With that the naga began to slither forth from the tomb and Lila followed after her slowly, she’d have given just about anything to not end up a bloated corpse inside this tomb, yet at the moment she still couldn’t help but wonder if her compliance with Kween’s plans was worth it.


“This, this is really weird.”  

As Lila looked around the nearby town she couldn’t help but wonder if she was really in any position to declare just what ‘weird’ was these days.  She wasn’t wondering that because she was now accompanying a several century old despot who was determined to carve out a new kingdom for herself.  She was wondering it because said despot had summoned forth a giant hotdog that had somehow managed to slither along the ground like a snake and had carried them both into this particular town even if Kween had dismissed it before anyone in town might have caught sight of it.

Of course the two were still drawing a fair bit of attention since nagas weren’t exactly a common sight, even if they were far from extinct.  Luckily Kween seemed to be well enough aware of her current situation not to instantly start shouting about how ever single person who laid eyes on her at once needed to fall to their feet and worship her as their new ruler.  

“What’s wrong exactly?”  Lila looked out at the people who were looking back at her.  

“Well judging from the size of the village there would be more people here than this, and everyone here looks like me.”  Kween took a moment to examine the villagers and then Lila.  

“They do not, and that’s coming from someone prone to saying that all you bipeds look more or less the same at times.”  Lila sighed heavily as she leaned against the naga’s much larger body.

“Well I don’t mean they look ‘like’ me, but in the sense that, well you know, they’re fat.”  True enough for members of a perfectly ordinary looking village its members all seemed to be surprisingly plump.  Apparently one of the on lookers wasn’t about to take this particular comment laying down as a blond haired green eyed woman ambled over.  

The sheer awkwardness with which her body moved (not to mention the fact that her belly seemed noticeably pudgier than her arms or legs) Lila surmised that this woman wasn’t used to being fat either.  

“It’s because of the apples.”  Lila tilted her head to the side slightly in confusion.  

“Apples?  Apples did all this?  How did apples do all this?”


Lila leaned back in a chair in the village’s inn.  

“That.. that was a big apple.”  Once more her belly had been packed to a degree that left it firm rather than sagging.  The blond haired innkeeper (who said her name was Wren) shook her head.  

“That was only a fourth of one of them.”  If Lila’s belly had anchored her in place so effectively she would have been shocked right out of the chair.  “Seriously?  Where do you guys get apples that big?”  Wren shivered as if she was shamed at being able to find apples just that huge.

“The forest that’s none too far from here started producing apples much larger than normal fairly recently.  But the problem is... some of the people who go out to get those apples, they don’t come back...”  Lila had no idea what to make of that, so she said the first thing which came to mind.  

“Umm interesting...”  A moment after she’d said those words Kween (who had neglected to seat herself on a wooden chair preferring to stick to her coils) suddenly grabbed Lila’s by the shoulder.  

“Okay, you know what, I think we’ve heard just about enough of this.  We’ll be going to our room now which this should more than pay for...”  Kween had cast some kind of magic on her coffin which had shrunk it down to a size of a small dog, and yet the golden coins inside grew back to their normal appearance the moment they were removed from it.  Before Lila knew it, she sure enough had been dragged to a private room, leaving the thief no time to ponder how the naga managed to work her ways up a series of stairs with such ease.  After Kween slammed the door shut, she glowered at her new priestess.

“Do you know what is causing those apples to grow so large?”  Lila awkwardly wobbled her way across the room.  

“No, but something tells me that you do.”  Kween nodded firmly as she interposed herself between Lila and the door, just like she had back in the tomb.  

“Darn right I do!  Do you think that I would have been able to make sure that there was enough food to go around in my queendom if I didn’t magically influence the crops?  What we’re dealing with here is clearly he Band of Fertility.”  Lila paused for a very long moment.  

“Umm when you say fertility do you mean...”  She took a very deep breath puffing out her cheeks and belly a little more, and then mimed rocking a child back and forth in her hands.  Kween sighed heavily and from the way her tail twitched on might assume she was contemplating slapping Lila with it.

“Not that kind of fertility, I mean the kind of fertility that refers to the growth of crops.  The problem is that the band was originally designed to be have its powers spread across an entire nation to insure all the farms were bountiful, rather than focused in any one place.  That’s why the apples are so amazingly large.”  Lila sat down against a wall of the inn resting her belly on the floor.

“I don’t suppose you have any bright ideas about why it is that when people go out to get these apples they don’t come back?”  Kween’s face now looked extremely, extremely sour, Lila didn’t think she’d ever seen her so displeased.  

“No.  But like I said, the band was never meant to be used the way whoever has it now is making use of it.  A general rule of magic is that whenever something is being used in a way it wasn’t intended to be, bad stuff happens.  So first thing tomorrow morning, after breakfast of course, we’re going to go out to that forest and get to the bottom of all this nonsense.  For now, good night.”  With that Kween promptly flopped onto of the one cot in the room, easily taking it up completely and leaving several feet worth of her tail to droop on the floor.  

“Hey, where am I suppose to sleep?”  Kween’s eyes remained firmly closed but two of her right hands waved dismissively.  

“On me or on the floor priestess it’s your choice.”  Like so many choices that the former thief expected she would be ask by Kween this one had an obvious answer.  

“I’ll go with the floor.”  While her eyes remained closed Kween’s lips now turned downward into a frown.  

“Are you sure?  My body would probably make a rather comfortable matress now that I’m starting to get my proper pudge back.”  Lila slept on the floor, it wasn’t the hardest thing she’d ever bedded down on and she doubted the floor might absent mindedly turn over in the middle of the night and crush her.


The next morning, mindful of the fact that she’d have some actual adventuring to do, Lila had proceeded to eat a light breakfast.  Light in the sense of she only ate till not the smallest sliver of a hunger pang remained, rather than continuing onto gorge herself when she the food caused more discomfort to her stomach than it relived.  

That said Lila had been unable to avoid noticing that how much food it had taken to satisfy her hunger.  She was contemplating this particular change while she and Kween were once again ridding on the back of the giant hotdog.  Her introspection was interrupted by Kween leaning forward gripping the hotdog with only four arms, leaving a pair of hands free, one of which reached forward and pinched Lila’s arm.  

“You’re coming along nicely.”  Lila’s twisted to look at the naga as best she could while maintaing her grip on the fast moving oversized foodstuff.  

“Coming along towards what?”  

“Towards being appropriately sized for a priestess of mine, do keep eating.”  Lila was not in any way amused by Kween cheering on her occasionally gluttonous actions.  

“You know it wouldn’t surprise me to know you put a spell on me to make it so that I have a hard time controlling my appetite.”  Kween leaned even further forward and got both of her hands into the act now as she embraced Lila and pinned her down flat against the hotdog with her body.

“Good, because I did, it also makes the stuff you eat more quickly turn into fat.”  Lila had no come back to this particular bit of information rather than muttering unintelligible curses.


“Okay forget the town, now this is just weird!”  The two looked at each other and then at the huge forest that surrounded them.  

“Well priestess I can feel the power of the band growing closer and closer so we must press on.”  As the two entered the forest (one walking the other continuing to slither along, Lila couldn’t help but glare in irritation and resentment, it didn’t seem to matter how much the naga ate or how big the rest of her got she still seemed to be able to slither along a good clip without even the slightest bit of trouble) things seemed to only get stranger and stranger.  

For example, not only did every single one of the trees have several huge apples hanging from the tree, but it almost seemed like the trees were speaking to each other, and moving.  Then there was nothing left to chance about it as the threes bent its limbs and proceeded to bring a huge apple nearly as tall as Lila to the ground.  Its stems proceeded to snap, leaving the colossal fruit in front of her.  Lila looked at the thing in amazement.  

“Wow, how do people get these things back to the village in the first place?”  Kween began to coil around the thing carefully running every single one of her hands along the thing.  

“If I had to take a guess I’d say the only way people as puny as you cold move things like this would be to roll them, they’re almost the right shape for it after all....”  Lila gave the huge apple a quick shove, and sure enough it did roll a few inches.  

“Okay I can see your point, but what is with the trees?”  Kween looked at the countless huge plants which surrounded them.  

“If I had to take a guess I’d say it wants you to eat it.”  Lila felt her jaw go slack and promptly began to gesture helplessly towards the naga with one hand and the apple with her other.  

“How do you know it wants me?  What makes you so sure that it doesn’t want you to eat it instead?”  The naga’s blue coils wrapped firmly around Lila’s legs as all of her arms reached out and grabbed the apple.  Then it proceeded to yank it back so that it was within Lila’s reach.  

“Because I say so.  Now then why don’t you make whoever runs this place happy, I’ll even be kind enough to peal it for you.”


Lila had little choice but to eat, and eat, and eat, and when her arms grew to heavy for her to lift them, Kween kept feeding her.  Eventually the entire apple was gone, and it was extremely clear that Lila had eaten all of it.  Her belly was no so large that she was forced to lay down on top of it, with her arms and legs dangling downwards helplessly.  

“Look what you’ve done to me!”  Sadly the only thing that she was able to do at the moment was able quiver with impotent rage.  Lila began to lazily droop herself around her companion’s bloated body.  

“Well you know I think when you’re done with that apple you’ll finally look absolutely perfect.”  

“And I for one agree....”  That was when a woman suddenly appeared from between a pair of trees.  She had a head full of flaming red hair, and was dressed in a flowing green gown which matched the color of her eyes.  What Lila noticed first and foremost even in her currently barely half conscious state was the jeweled bracelet on her right arm.  Kween began to slither towards the other woman glaring a her.  

“Who exactly are you, and more to the point do you know that you have something that belongs to me?”  The red haired woman drew herself up as tall as she could, though of course she couldn’t possibly ope to prove taller than the naga.  

“My name is Eve, and if you are referring to this band, it has been given to me by the divine spirits of natures that I might spread her power!  For example, I think it is time that your friend assume her proper place in the world.”  Lila was understandably worried by this announcement.  

“What do you mean by ‘my...’”  Any long drawn out protest she was about to make transformed into a wordless cry of fright as one of the huge trees limbs reached down, and grabbed hold of her before yanking her off the ground.  Lila looked up and promptly noticed two things, firstly the tree limb seemed to be unnaturally attached to her body, and secondly her what little she could see of her body was starting to turn red, and she doubted it was out of embarrassment.  

“I’m turning into an apple? Kween you better be able to stop this!  It was bad enough that you were going to feed me to death, there’s now way I’m going to die by turning into some piece of fruit... AND THEN GET EATEN BY SOMEONE ELSE!”  That second realization came halfway through the her protesting about her situation, and it made her situation manifestly worse.  Kween, as usual seemed completely unconcerned for her servant’s distress.  

“If you say so, but I personally believe that her place is down here with me.  Now then, why don’t you give me back my bracelet?”  In response however Eve raised her hands and suddenly one of the huge tree’s waved its arm back and forth.  The stem that was holding one of its apples broke and huge fruit slammed into Kween knocking her back on the ground.

The naga rocked back and forth for a few moments and then proceeded to pick up and hurl the apple at Eve.  The woman in green however proved surprisingly spry and rolled out of the way.

“Why don’t you just eat one of my apples?  It will make you feel so much better.”  Lila couldn’t do much at the moment, but she was still capable of screaming at the top of her lungs.  

“NO THEY WON’T, NO THEY WON’T!”  Lila would have said more, but at that point the branch she was attached to grew larger in exactly the perfect manner to curl around her mouth effectively gagging her.  Another tree twisted in just the right way (probably thank to Eve’s apparent control of them) to drop an apple on top of the blue naga.  

For a few moments Lila feared that her ‘protector’ might have been knocked out by this leaving her had the mad druid’s mercy, but apparently Kween had a skull as tough as her belly was large.  She slowly rose up shaking herself a few times before she gave a glower that Lila was happy to see not directed at her.  

“Tell you what, why don’t the two of us both go where we belong, you start eating that apple, and I’ll start eating this one?”  This question took Eve by surprise, and yet the other woman remained flustered for only about five seconds.  

“Very well then.”  The two began to eat and as they did so, the changes began to spread across them quickly.  Lila could only watch helplessly as Kween’s blue scales began to turn yellow, and then a deep orange.  Clearly the naga was simply too large to turn into an apple, so instead  whatever magic was at work planned to transform her into a pumpkin.  

Eve was also starting to grow bigger and the bracelet on her arm was starting to look uncomfortably tight.  As if sensing this particular weakness, Kween began to make her way forward.  Of course as she did so Lila couldn’t help but notice that what seemed suspiciously like roots were starting to grow from the Naga’s body.  

Lila could do naught but watch that bracelet and hoped, and hoped, and waited for what now had to be a inevitability didn’t it?  Then it happened, Eve’s wrist had grown so large and fat that the bracelet popped of and Kween reached out for it, even as the countless vines sprouting from her body seemed to be ready to pull her into the dirt.   

The now completely orange naga reached out and ceased hold of the bracelet with one of her hands, and promptly slid it onto her wrist.  All at once her body returned to its normal color and the stem that was attached to Lila broke.  She proceeded to take a one way trip to the ground, though luckily her body took the fall fairly well rather then splattering like an apple pitched over the side of a cliff.  

An instant later the red began to depart from her body, as did the roots from Kween’s.  Yet the trees continued to move about, as several more moved to the ground and dropped their apples, apples that were like Lila starting to become less and less red.  Not only that, but it seemed like the apples were growing smaller, indeed before her very eyes she saw how the things were slowly turning into perfectly ordinary, if rather rotund people.  

Lila waited patiently for her to undergo a noticeable decrease in her weight but she was waited in vain, for nothing seemed to be happening.  That said, one particularly tree branch had bent not to release its captive, but to take one.  

It seized hold of Eve who was still growing bigger, and the color of her hair was spreading all over her body.  Kween watched the druid slowly transforming into what she had turned so many others into with a smile on her face.  

“Heh, how do you like those apples?”  Eve made no response as her mouth vanished, but several of the people who had just been freed from their magical transformations began to gather around Kween happily.  

“You saved us!”  

“What can we do to thank you?”  Kween seemed to blush purple for a moment, but then with a superior smirk leaned back, apparently quite satisfied to once more be laying amid the adorations of the masses.  

“You can take care of getting my priestess back to town, even if you have to roll her there.”  Lila being the priestess in question was remarkably less enamored of the idea.  

“Oh yeah roll me back, then can we hang onto them to keep rolling me back and forth till I can walk again?  Because something tells me that I’m not going to be walking any time soon!”  Kween’s tail gently teased Lila’s oversized body.  

“Oh I think you’ll be on your feet by tomorrow morning thanks to the belly linking spell I put upon you.”

“Belly linking?”  Lila was horribly curious and it wasn’t like she could do anything but asks.  

“So what does that spell do to me?”  Kween leaned against Lila’s body with intent to get the thief rolling.  

“It transports a fair portion of whatever you eat into me, making sure your poor little body doesn’t get too large and the fact that you’ll keep eating will keep making me stronger.”  Knowing that comforted Lila, but not enough to make up for the fact that she promptly found her view of the world rotating a full three hundred sixty degrees as she was rolled her first few feet back towards the village.  Frankly if it was only an hour until Lila could walk again, it would still be far too long in her opinion, not that Kween cared.
About time I finally got around to posting something new on my DA sight so here it is, just like I promise Kween of Hunger wasn't mindless WG there is in fact a story starting to unfold here! A story that I'm assembling one bit at a time like a cartoon character laying down tracks with a train following right behind them, but none the less, there is an overall plan, which you'll be informed of as soon as I figure out what it is....

Once again the characters of Kween and Lila belong to RounderSofter [link] who helped contribute to the general idea for this story.

Also don't bother complaining about how the ending fight is anticlimactic, I feel that way and I'm the one who wrote it! But it is what it is and I'll just strive to make the next story I write even better than this one....
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a great story :) this is wonderfull^^

the imagination of the apple is just wonderfull^^

i could get hungry :P ^^
boxeater5 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2009
This is my favorite of all your stories. The descriptions and situations are great. The story is loaded with lovely irony and how the characters interact makes it feel so lively.
Spineyguy Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Excellent story, I think that as Lila spends more time around Kween she should stop being quite so acerbic towards her.

I can understand that she'd be a little annoyed at first, but once she realised how much being a preistess could do for her.

Before you see my profile page, I should warn you it's not obvious that I'm an FA, I just haven't told anyone yet.

I hope for more of these stories soon.
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009
Well if you didn't know "Melts in your mouth" is another Lila and Kween story...
Spineyguy Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I'd already seen it before I re-read the second story.

The comment was a general reply to all three of them.
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009
Okay couldn't be sure since I'd have expected thoughts summing up the series to be posted on the last story in it. I do plan to write more though at the moment RounderSofter is too busy to do drawings for me so I'm unlikely to do any more until he's got more free time, though this leaves me with time to work on comissions and art trades with other people when I'm not busy with school work....
Spineyguy Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Meh, everyone has to put something on hold for school.

Unless you're me inwhich case you often have to put school on hold for school.
Jansomax Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2009
Good story, not my typical kind (WG) but a good story nonetheless. Very good friend.
randombitch3 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2009
This story is quite amazing.
Like a precious gem in the onslaught of all the bad stories about WG and the like on DA these days.

I really like the ideas used in this story and I think that you really did a great job on the Kween character.
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2009
Well you'll be pleased to know I have my marching orders for a third story involving Kween and Lila though I've got to finish up another short story before I get to work on it...
randombitch3 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2009
Take your time and don't rush. Everyone seems to want stories as soon as possible, but they don't ever seem to think about the writers personal life, and what could be going on.
Once again, great story!
GizesNumbers Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2009
Absolutely awesome. True, there are several typos and misspellings, but nowhere near enough to detract from the story. The ending was also anticlimatic, but, in a way, quite humorous. Oh, and I can't wait for another installment. This combines my love of plump women and world conquest in an absolutely delicious fashion.
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2009
Well odds are the next part will be out in a month or so given how soon RounderSofter will have the free time to talk with me about what exactly he wants to be in the third story, I have time to write it and feels ready to draw the pictures for me in exchange for the story...
GizesNumbers Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2009
About a month, eh? That's good news! This one was fantastic and the next one will definitely be worth the wait! Or weight, as the case may well be...
weelad Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009   Traditional Artist
ffjak Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009
You're a really good writter^^ this story 's amazing! let's continue!
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009
Believe me I plan to and the next story will have a much more climatic fight scene to round it out!
dark-melancholy Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009
I'm having a little trouble reading this at times, but the meaning's usually apparent through the context. So it's okay.

Anyway, I like the dynamic between the clever and cynical Kween and down-to-earth and slightly naïve Lila. And the humour; "...and she doubted the floor might absent mindedly turn over in the middle of the night and crush her."
Makes me want to write a Lila & Kween story of my own, but I think I'll leave that in your competent hands ;)

“Heh, how do you like those apples?”
"Applesauce, bitch!" :lol:
Uncle-Ben Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009
Urg! This story frustrates me.

It's a good story and you tell it well.
Good job!

I'm sure you realize there are several typos up there.
RounderSofter Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009
... and we're waiting impatiently to know what this plan is :p
The Lila & Kween dish is delicious as always.
IWfan53 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009
Glad to know my work continues to satisfy and yet leave the audience wanting a bit more all the same...
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