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Christmas Island
Started July 22, 2009

-Day One:
583 favs; 422 watches; 94 deviations; 309 messages

-Week One:
1315 favs; 1322 watches; 2998 deviations; 1642 messages

-Month One:
2022 favs; 2107 watches; 10421 deviations; 6404 messages

-Month Five:


OK so the date of the ID contest has been changed to NOVEMBER FIRST. I will no longer be changing the date so if you have an entry, or want to enter, that is the last day I will accept entries. (I've given ya'll months now, I'm sure you guys have something xD). Good news for you guys tho, I'm pretty busy so I may not be able to check that day, so pretty much, the due date is whenever I next log in during the month of November. Anyway, thanks for all who entered! I wish to see more entries :D Remember, PRIZE IS BIG ADVERTISEMENT (forever in my gallery, feature journal, and just loads of features lol). -oct19

OMG YAY! I caught up on everything I believe....I hope ^^; Haha. Anyway, the contests are both still open, I know they have been for a while, but I'm barely getting entries! Remember, the top 3 winners get free advertisement in my journals and in my gallery FOREVER (until this account is banned, deleted, etc.)
How do you like the new update system? Is it ok? Or should I make deviations for updates? Or reorganize my journals...hmm...let me know :)

Hey ya'll. Sorry I haven't been on...for like...a while...^^;
Anyway, since I got loads of messages and such, the contest is being delayed a few days so I can play ketchup. I'll be off and on for the next few days. I won't be able to be as active as I used to be, so if you have anything important to tell me, send me a note and I'll see it faster :D

I'll watch and favorite your stuff :)

If you want me to watch you / favorite something, just ask :D
If not, then I'll just watch you anyway ^^


I do not do this for pageviews. If I did, I would advertise my main account. But I do not.

Many people ask my why I do this or see this as pointless random watching with no meaning. I've decided to finally post here why instead of constantly retyping the same message.

I do have a reason.

I love art, writing, and photography. I favorite and watch out of appreciation of the artists and to show them that I care. Sometimes people on here feel under appreciated and won't update or work harder because they think no one cares. Well, I care. I watch and favorite because it often helps boost their self-esteem and inspire them. Not only that, but it makes them happy. Even if it's what you call, "random", it puts a smile on their face. I've gotten multiple comments from people of how I "made their day".

Besides just watching and adding favorites, I also help advertise contests and commissions as well as critique works that people ask me to. It's usually hard to get your contests or commissions out there to the masses unless you are one of the top members of deviantart, so I try my best to help you get it out there. I've also received requests of people asking critiques. I'm more than happy to tell you my opinion or suggestions, just send a note. (Though it will take a while seeing as how I do have a life too).

I do more than just "mass watching for no reason". Much more. And if you can't see that now, then I don't know how else to tell it to you.

(more editing) It seems like many people have a problem with this. If you do, then please just leave my page. I'd be more than happy to discontinue watching you or removing any favorites of yours. Just posting comments on how you hate this isn't going to make me stop and it's very rude. This was all started in good fun for me and others on deviantart and it turned into something meaningful, so if you have a problem with it, please take it some where else. Thank you for visiting, and good luck with future art!

P.S. Yes I am a real person; not a scammer, bot, or even here to steal your work, etc. If you didn't get that from the above, I felt like stating the obvious here.


Every 1000 pageviews, I will feature a deviant who catches the closet to the marker. For the 10,000th page view, the featured one is: no one

(description here)
Some of his/her works:

He/She is definitely worth checking out!

Previous Features Page:…


Birthday List:…


Want to get inspired? Feel free to look at other watch accounts listed in my journal :D

(feel free to donate prizes :))

My ID Contest (below) is ending in a few days, ENTER NOW FOR FREE ADVERTISEMENT OF YOUR PAGE!

:bulletblack:What to do: Make a deviation / ID advertising my profile/my page :)
:bulletblack:Rules: Must be made by you; can be drawing, picture, graphic, etc. More creative the better :D Send by NOTE only because this page gets really crowded.
:bulletblack:Prizes: Top 3 deviants get featured permanently in my gallery and journal, :+devwatch:, and :+fav:'s.
Deadline: November 1st (may be extended depending on ## of entries)
(if you want to give prizes let me know by NOTE)

This date was changed due to lack of entries. Will not change again.

ENTRIES… by EscapistCamille & by luxira… by skittles39… by SpringSmiles

:bulletblack:What to do: Make a icon / avatar for my account^^
:bulletblack:Rules: Must be made by you; can be drawing, picture, graphic, etc. More creative the better :D Send by NOTE only because this page gets really crowded.
:bulletblack:Prizes: Top 3 deviants get featured permanently in my gallery and journal, :+devwatch:, and :+fav:'s.
Deadline: December 10th (may be extended depending on ## of entries)
(if you want to give prizes let me know by NOTE)

ENTRIES… by EscapistCamille

Hosting a contest? Offering commissions?
Advertise it here! Send me a note!

kikumangafan - Manga Contest
catbleu - Song Picture Drawing Contest
Mac1232 - Supernova Contest
beyond-the-edge - Photo Editing Contest
RavynCrescent - Art Contest
Shangri-LaZuko - Spongebob/Avatar/Caramelldansen Contest

lollypopsugarpuff - Free Commissions
Emi--Chan - Subscription Commissions
sambeawesome - Cheap Art (currently 50% off)
Grim-Grinning - Beautiful Cheap Com.
Koi-Artss - He Needs Money
Ryugexu - Dog Medical Treatment Money
kage-ouji - Anime Commissions

Others doing this:
:iconi-watch-u::icontheguybehindyou::iconi-watch-everybody::iconi-watch-you::iconwatching-the-world: :iconexpect-da-unexpected: :iconsomeoneswatchingyou: :iconextra-watcher: :iconi-will-watch-you: :iconim-gonna-watch-you: :iconwe-watch-you: :iconi-watch-people: :iconoperation-devwatch: :iconwatchwatch: :iconistalkjoo: :iconi-like-watching-you: :iconur-personal-watcher: :iconthewatchingwatcher: :iconwatchinyouwatchinme: :icondevious-watcher: :iconiwatchpeople:


:star:Random Deviant:star:
:heart:Random Deviation:heart:

You know I've watched a lot when I click random deviant and I'm already watching them.
Number of times it's happened: 2

Want to know my main? Send me a note. :)


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Wow this is a GREAT page with an AMaZING message. Keep up your epicness!
SkulduggeryPleasantG Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
And also, could you take a look at :iconsoulessbeauty: ? She doesn't post any art cuz she says nobody cares but she writes. A LOT. I know her in real life and seriously, she has AMaZING skillz. Thank you :)
K00K00kaCH00 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
Hey there, remember me? It's k00k00kach00! I just wanted to let all my watchers know that I've opened up a new account! I'd love it if you'd come and check it out :3

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Wow. I love the message of this page and just your attitude about art in general! Very inspiring!
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Hello :dummy:
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Who are you?
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thanks for watching!
i finally decided to lool who is behind the name "i watch all" and i think thats a good reason to watch all :)
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