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Dragon Age Inquisition - Meme - Finn Trevelyan

By IwarinJones
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Greetings, my friends!

Wow! i am DONE! It doesn't look like much, it was really hard. 
Well, meet my Inquisitor: Finn Trevelyan. 

Blank Meme:
Dragon Age Inquisition - Meme by IwarinJones



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When I saw Dorian I went from


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Zevern was mentioned in one of the war table quest with the Antivan Crows. 
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I know, but he still didn't show up and if you romanced him in Origins, he is just mentioned
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So adorable XD I like the first panel where he is singing the song from Oliver and Company!
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Now I finally see yours finished. Finn is really very different from Lilich, I now understand why he seemed you serious and cold. Yours seems quite frivouolus and carefree to me. And that's the same game, pretty much the same origins (Human noble male, although different classes). Meaning the game's truly majestic and allows you to roleplay to your heart's content!

And also Sera and Cassandra as best friends? Little surprise with Sera (looks hilarious in that dress, btw). But how with Cassadra? Was your character a believer? Did he accept being "Herald of Andraste"? And, I guess, you openly supported Leliana? Because I'm trying to figure out how that election works. 

And yes, doing memes is hard. Takes a lot of time and effort. That's why I love them. 
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Finn is a believer, but not that strong.
He believe that he exist, but he don't go to the church. And it is okay for him, if the maker doesn't exist. Because he thinks like that, he sometimes fight with his parents. He don't wanted to work in a church or something like that. But you don't have to be a believer, if you want Cassandra as a friend. They like to fight together and she reads his poetries (but it is a secret)
Sera and Finn just love Pranks and they always makes fun at each other. Espially because he is noble and she is an elf.
It is almost the same with Iron Bull.
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And I can't bring myself to play a believing character. All were anti-Chantry, perhaps because I'm an atheist miffed by numerous chapels and temples being built all over my region in least suitable places. So, in Origins I really enjoyed threatening that Mother in Lothering (and how happy Morrigan was!), and the sight of dead Mother Petrice in DA2 (but, I guess, most of players rejoiced too). So at the end of the game both Cassandra and I, the player, couldn't stop wondering how did a non-believer mage make good friends with the Seeker. Amazing game.

I loved Sera's pranks too. Hoped later there would be a chance to pull more, on other people, but nah.
And what about Bull's Chargers? Did they last to the end of your game? Because when it came to Bull's quest I thought "Screw Hawke, *this* can be the most heart-wrenching moment!"
:giggle: :giggle:
What an adorable Inquisitor. :XD: Was that Sera and Cassandra who claimed as his 1st and 2nd best friend? :D

Awwww.... Hawke is dead? D:
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Iron Bull is his Best friend, too. ^-º
And he is really carefree.

And Hawke is dead. But someone have to die. I wanted more Drama in the story...but it is still sad
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Is it wrong that I cannot bring myself to kill hawke because even though his game was 'eh' he is still my character?
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I played DA: I right after DA2, and much to my surprise, left Hawke to die without winking. I knew i had to sacrifice someone well beforehand, and planned to leave Loghain (sort of mercy-killing; he's old, seen more than enough trouble in his life, Wardens don't accept him...) But changed mind in the course of the mission. Because of Hawke, actually. While I was customizing appearance, the game crashed, and I decided not to customize, and felt less attached. Then Hawke started yelling against Grey Wardens (not without reason), but I played DA: O and believed they shouldn't be banished. Ferelden kicked them once, you know what happened later. Dragon Age Keep import also preserved my Hawke's persoanlity. And I remember he was a strong pro-mage advocate, only slightly less rabid than Anders. While my Inquisitor was a between and betwixt in that aspect. So, living Hawke could be a problem later, while Loghain still seemed reasonable. And when time came to distract an enormous spider, I didn't hesitate.

So, I think it depends on how you played your Hawke and your Inquisitor. Sometimes it might feel impossible to bring yourself to sacrifice Hawke, I believe, and sometimes it will be quite easy. 
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Your inquisitor looks adorable X3
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